The Day Russia Told the U.S. Your World Dominance Is OVER

Lavrov Tells It Right to Pence’s Smug Face: Russia Will End US-Led World Order

Pence told a room full of Washington lapdogs that the United States would “continue to hold Russia accountable”. Then Lavrov went up to the podium and straightened him out.

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

“Aiming to calm European fears about US-Russia ties, Vice President Mike Pence told world leaders Saturday that the United States will stand firm against Moscow while also seeking avenues for cooperation.”

This is the opening line to CNN’s report on the predictable saber-rattling that took place at the Munich Security Conference on Saturday.

<figcaption>Lavrov is our spirit animal</figcaption>
Lavrov is our spirit animal

Pence also told the audience that Washington remained “unwavering” in its commitment to NATO as it faced a “more assertive Russia.”

Shortly after Pence had finished his war liturgy, Russia’s Foreign Minister took to the podium.


Sergei Lavrov phrased his comments in a very simple manner, so that his American counterparts could understand:

Lavrov said that the time when the West called the shots was over and, dismissing NATO as a relic of the Cold War, added: “I hope that (the world) will choose a democratic world order — a post-West one — in which each country is defined by its sovereignty.”

Lavrov said Moscow wanted to build relations with Washington which would be “pragmatic with mutual respect and acknowledgement of our responsibility for global stability.”

Lavrov is a career diplomat and a true gentleman. But we’ve noticed a subtle change in his approach to U.S. bullshittery over the last two years.


He rarely dances around issues anymore. Sure, he still refers to Washington as “our western friends” or “our American colleagues”. But he doesn’t hold back after that.

The crisis in Ukraine made it clear that Washington wanted blood. But the U.S.-led crimes against the people of Syria is what made Russia realize that they are not dealing with normal, reasonable people. Washington is a cabal of psychopaths.

The war in Syria has also ushered in a new era: We are witnessing a seismic shift in how international relations are conducted. Russia and Iran just proved that fighting the bully works. And other countries have taken notice.

Lavrov’s comments are more than just an invitation to all nations to join Russia in the creation of a new world order based on state sovereignty and international consensus.

He was also issuing a warning to Washington: Pack your bags. It’s over.

Buckle up, buttercup.

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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