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ACH (1819) Dr. Peter Hammond – The Real Story Of A Formidable Fighter For The Faith – Dorothea Scarborough

achitchcockJun 16In today’s show originally broadcast on June 16 2022, Andy is joined by Dr. Peter Hammond for a show entitled, “The Real Story Of A Formidable Fighter For The Faith – Dorothea Scarborough.”We discussed: Peter’s recent interview with Gemma O’Doherty; Dorothea Scarborough’s experiences during the bombing of Lubeck in World War 2; how despite her suffering Dorothea devoted her life to Jesus Christ; Dorothea’s marriage to Charles Scarborough and their Mission to the Gilbert Islands; the devastating impact of the United Nations and World Council Of Churches joint project to close down Mission Stations throughout the world; why Charles and Dorothea relocated to South Africa; how Dorothea used the Bible to confront the inflammatory statements of Bishop Desmond Tutu; Peter’s experiences with a mob of Tutu supporters; the work of Missionary Gerhard Nehls who actually fought for Germany against the Soviets in the Second World War; the Anti-Christ nature of many so-called church leaders; why Dorothea never missed a Reformation Day event; Dorothea’s firm stand for her faith in God; the regret we feel when our Elders pass away; and many other topics.PLEASE SEND EMAILS OF SUPPORT FOR PETER’S WORK Here To Listen To The ShowClick Here For Peter’s Recent Video Interview With Gemma O’DohertyTHE DR. PETER HAMMOND ARCHIVE OF THE SHOWS WE HAVE DONE TOGETHERClick Here For The Audio Archive Of Peter And Andy’s Shows TogetherLINKS TO PETER’S WEBSITESClick Here For Peter’s Frontline Fellowship WebsiteClick Here For Peter’s Reformation Society WebsiteClick Here For Peter’s Henry Morton Stanley School Of Christian Journalism WebsiteClick Here For Peter’s Livingstone Fellowship WebsiteClick Here For Peter’s Christian Action WebsiteClick Here For Peter’s Christian Liberty Books Website

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