Transgender Endorser & Cabal Member Wins Senate Primary Race; Endorsed by Trump-Another Cabal Member (Anything For the Money Candidate WINS!)

Dr. Oz Declared Winner of Pennsylvania Senate Primary Race




June 4, 2022


Dr. Oz was finally declared the winner of the GOP Senate primary race in Pennsylvania. This happened after his main opponent conceded.

The election took place ages ago and they were still in the process of counting votes, doing a recount and who knows what else.

These elections just keep getting more and more ridiculous. How hard is it to count votes within a 24 hour time frame? We keep seeing close races drawn out for weeks on end for no good reason. The only reason this would happen is if there was deliberate fraud taking place.

This whole race was dumb. None of the GOP candidates were appealing.

Donald Trump endorsed Dr. Oz despite his links to Turkey and him being someone who appeared on television endorsing child tranny surgeries. But sure, he’s a true “conservative”? Give me a break.

Democracy is such a dumb retarded hoax. The whole system needs to be brought down in a nuclear fire if people like Dr. Oz are considered “conservative.”

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