Putin For President (Seeing Our Presidents Can’t Get Any Worse) & Impeach Biden! LOVE Putin! Greatest Leader EVER!!! He Has Made Russia the HOPE of the World!

Putin For President!

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Many Westerners have a negative view of Russia’s President, Vladimir Putin, because of the unjust portrayal he receives in the bias false Western media. If one were to believe everything they saw in the American media, they would probably think Putin to be a ruthless dictator who was anointed by birth rather than a politician born into a working class family with approval ratings higher than all of his Western counterparts at one stage reaching a sky high 90% “Such a high level of approval for the work of the Russian strongman president is linked, in the first instance, to events in Syria, to Russian air strikes on terrorist positions there,”

Under Putin’s reign the Russian economy grew every single year, with an overall GDP increase of more than 70%. During the same period, investments rose 125%, industry grew by 76%, and poverty decreased 50%. The average monthly salaries in Russia increased from $80 to $640, and the middle class grew from 8 million people to 55 million.

Analysts have credited these impressive economic achievements to

ng macro-management, capital inflows, fiscal policy reform, and rising energy prices (Russia is a large exporter of oil and gas). Putin wisely reintroduced nuclear power and positioned Russia as an energy super power that Europe has come to rely on. He also invested heavily in Russian infrastructure, including pipelines. Among Putin’s accomplishments was the introduction of a 13% flat tax and the reduction of the corporate tax rate from 35% to 24%. As a result, Putin has maintained extraordinarily high approval ratings from the Russian people, winning his second Presidency with 71% of the vote.

Putin’s accomplishments are even more impressive when one realizes that he has had to deal with one of the fiercest mafias in the world. The Russian mafia led by notorious billionaire gangsters, who use dual citizenships in non-extradition countries such as Israel to thwart justice, are responsible for sex slavery, weapons trafficking, drug running, and the rampant corruption that has plagued Russia since the fall of the Soviet Union. Putin has consistently risked his life to challenge these gangsters and eventually saw charges brought against many of the criminal oligarchs. Regardless of these challenges, Putin’s administration has consistently maintained a lower incarceration rate than the United States.

The US media routinely questions the integrity of the Russian election process which is hypocracy beyond explanation, and even mocked Russia for calling the last presidential election with only 25% of vote in; all while CNN and Fox have been calling Republican Primary elections with only 1% of the vote being counted. There is little to no proof that Putin has ever committed election fraud, but there is significant evidence that the American Republican Party has committed several documented cases of voter fraud against Ron Paul.

While Obama was winning a Nobel Peace Prize and perpetrating undeclared wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, Putin was using every piece of his influence to oppose unjust and internationally illegal wars. In 2003, Western powers used their political influence to invade Iraq, with no credible intelligence of weapons of mass destruction.

The war eventually lead to higher oil prices and the murder of one million innocent civilians. Cooler heads in the United Nations like Vladimir’s Russia staunchly opposed the war and doubted the dubious intelligence from his rival leaders. Putin tried to prevent the disastrous Iraq war by vetoing resolutions in the UN, but the powerful Israeli-American lobby, AIPAC, convinced American politicians to invade without UN backing. No one can dought that invading Iraq was a total disaster and Putin was 100% correct Donald Trump has also said it was a terrible decision.

Just as in Iraq, Putin staunchly opposed the intervention in Libya, which has also turned out to be a humanitarian disaster. Libya went from an internationally law-abiding country to a fractionalized nation that is being controlled by radical elements. The country’s infrastructure was seriously damaged, and far greater human rights abuses are being perpetrated now than ever took place under Gaddafi.

Now the American-Israeli lobby and mainstream media, are pushing for more undeclared wars in Syria and Iran. Both of which would increase the price of oil tremendously and likely lead to the downfall of the already frail world economy. Even though such an event would increase the price of Russia’s main export, oil, Putin seems to care more about the humanitarian implications of such an intervention than the financial benefits for his nation.

As such, Putin used Russia’s seat on the UN security council to veto US backed resolutions on Syria. The blood-thirsty American media immediately condemned Putin as being obstructionist and starting a second cold war, but Putin remained above the petty warmongering and simply instructed the Americans to stop attempting to indulge in their “bellicose itch” to start more wars.

Putin’s business acumen, just foreign policy decisions, and humanitarian leadership should be congratulated throughout the world. If only American Presidents could respect freedom and other nations’ sovereignty like Vladimir Putin, the planet would be a lot more peaceful.

Many journalists and news stations have taken a harsh anti-Assad & Putin stance since the beginning of unrest in Syria, and they regularly bend or manipulate facts to slander and defame the Syrian and Russian government.

Bashar al Assad & Vladimir Putin do not suit the globalists agenda of running a gas pipe under a puppet government chosen by them. Bashar Al Assad is on a mission with the help of the worlds greatest president Vladimir Putin. Assad is a great leader and wants to save christianity his people and be known as the man that saved Syria. Russia currently supplies Europe with a quarter of the gas it uses for heating, cooking, fuel and other activities so there also protecting there interests and so they should.

In fact 80 per cent of the gas that Russian state-controlled company Gazprom produces is sold to Europe, so maintaining this crucial market is very important. Much of Russia’s power comes from established pipelines used to transport gas to Europe cheaply. But other countries are now trying to get around Russia and provide new sources of gas to Europe.

Last year US President Barack Obama a Globalist puppet and a man who with the help of his sec of state Hillary Clinton helped arm rebel groups against Assad, Obama spoke openly about the need for Europe to reduce its reliance on Russian gas which is not his business. Many countries supporting the war against Assad have links to these pipeline plans.

Failed pipeline bidder Qatar is believed to have funded anti-Assad rebel groups by $3 billion between 2011 and 2013. Saudi Arabia has also been accused of funding the terrorist group.

Wealthy officials from Qatar and Saudi Arabia who donated money to Hillary Clinton’s charitable foundation & also provided financial support to Isis. “the notorious jihadist group, called Isil or Isis, is created largely with money from people who are giving money to the Clinton Foundation” Banks, intelligence, arms companies, foreign money, etc are all united behind Hillary Clinton.

And the media as well. Media owners, and the journalists themselves.” and we all seen how much Barack Obama was behind her. You do not need to be Einstein to understand how important it was for Trump winning the election and how corrupt and evil Obama & Clinton really are. Why do you think when all else fails with its blame the russians. Its so obvious when you look at the big picture and examine the truth its easy to see that Putin is the worlds greatest leader by a long way.


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If I were Putin, I would keep challenging the US military opportunistically until the Biden administration comes to the table. Putin faced off with current SecDef Lloyd Austin in the deserts of Syria and beat him like a red-headed step child. Over the past year, Putin has dealt the US military under Austin’s watch a steady stream of defeats. The Russian leader is a good enough student of history to know that after Austin’s performance in Syria, he is statistically speaking the worst US general in history. As a result, Putin knows he can continue to deliver the US military defeats while Austin … (more)




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Working mostly with Russian Afghan veterans and his East German contacts, he did two things: he avoided the Gorbachev-Yeltsin era mistake and the Wall Street burble and burst. Both experiences taught him and other Russian investors a hard lesson. That is why he implore Russian businessmen of his era invest heavily in bonds, properties, mortgage or what is known as fixed income securities.

These are the type of investments that relies more on fixed income security markets, bonds insurance rather than banks.

Russians have cash, and the West have credit. So, they were able to double past everyon… (more)


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He basically made a miracle by bringing back a dead country. Now, people want more but figures talk more than propaganda. Is there anybody in major countries who has made the same growth in a similar time frame? Or should I ask: would you like your country GDP grow 10 times in 15 years? Would you like your country to pay off crippling debts instead of passing them to your kids? Would you like your personal income to grow 10 times, currency and inflation corrected?

And before anyone starts to scream about oil prices increases, let me address that. It certainly helped, but somehow no other major … (more)

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