Laurel Canyon Musicians Were From Insider/Cabal Families Mostly CIA/Military..”A Lot of These Bands Weren’t That Good” 54.30 (Don’t Have to Be Good When You’re Part of the CABAL There To Promote Cabal Agendas.)

Comment: The unknown Ghost players were far more TALENTED than the CABAL’s promoted Stars and did all the recording work. All these things came together just like COVID lockdowns were synchronized both by DEEP STATE. These Deep State Assets were never busted for drugs. These Rock Stars never got Drafted for the Wars and were draft aged males. They were all connected to the Military-CIA complex and worked to promote the Deep States Agenda of Drugs and Sex to get RID OF THE ANTI-WAR MOVEMENT. John Lennon who was sincerely Against Wars was murdered. The real talent was behind the scenes. The ONLY ones promoted to Super Stardom were ALL Militarily/CIA/Intelligence Connected. Angelina Jolie & Bono ARE Intelligence Assets. The people propped up for us to look up to are Intelligence Assets to Influence the Masses.

Michael Parker Media2.96K subscribersSUBSCRIBEThe Electric Pyramid with Michael Parker Original Airdate: 6/12/2014 Guest: Dave McGowan – author of Weird Scenes Inside The Canyon Michael Parker’s 1st interview with Dave. Co-hosted by Joe Kiernan How did an uncanny amount of rock superstars emerge from the rustic Laurel Canyon scene of the mid 60s? Why were many of these future stars sons and daughters of the military/intelligence complex and extreme privilege who just happened to all arrive in LA at the same time? From the Lizard King Jim Morrison to Frank Zappa, the Mamas and Papas, the Byrds, Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young, even the Monkees, they all had conspicuous family heritages that did not exactly jive with what would become the free love, antiwar soundtrack of a generation. Meanwhile, looming behind these musicians was a dark underbelly of Hollywood stars, young turks, the mob, shadowy intelligence assets, and charmers like little Charlie Manson who everyone liked at first.. How and why did this all happen? And what about that covert military installation on Lookout Mountain? Are you ready to have your rock and roll fantasies challenged? You may never listen to this music the same way ever again.

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