Crimes Against Humanity Were Committed By Allied Powers in WW2; Seems America is Always on the Wrong Side in Every War

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The GREATEST CRIMINAL ACT in the HISTORY OF ALL MANKIND ~ {until the Covid Scamdemic}

  • 19 September 2021
  • by Monika Schaefer

article by Frederick Medler

During the nineteen thirties the nation of Germany, under the leadership and stewardship of Adolf Hitler, rose to become the most prosperous and enlightened nation on the face of the earth. Under his thoughtful and wise guidance the German nation and its people cultivated an enlightened mindset, spirit and pride of self and pride of place that comes to a great people and its civilization only rarely, if ever. Within our knowledge of recorded history this great and visionary individual rekindled his nation’s moral well-being and brought forth a national achievement and sense of identity that shocked the world and left most established leaderships elsewhere, whether they be in politics, culture, religion, social development or economics, amazed. More so, it left them terrified and fearful for their own well-being and sense of control. Almost single-handedly he set forth a new direction in economic development that eliminated the power and control long held by the world’s jewish international banking establishment, their political supporters and the system’s enumerable minions.  And, he proved that there was truly a much better way to move forward free of their manipulative control in building up a more inspiring, thoughtful and civilized society.
Under Herr Hitler’s “guidance” the nation of Germany “flowered” and its people proffered with a new sense of self-confidence. While the rest of Europe, the United States and other countries associated with the West (the Allies) lay mired in deep economic depression – and the growing homelessness, poverty, hunger, crime and social strife that resulted from it – the German nation and its people were busy rebuilding the nation’s infrastructure, educating its people, providing well-paying jobs, establishing a social contract and developing a new and inspiring flowering of cultural and artistic identity. In this new Germany crime almost entirely disappeared, the arts flourished and the people cultivated a sense of confidence and love of their country heretofore unknown. Advanced laws to protect the natural environment, protection for wildlife, the elimination of experimenting on animals, the development of wise and sustainable land and town/urban planning were established. In addition, a vast revitalization of German arts and crafts flowered and a new appreciation of traditional German and Classical architecture once again found a place in the rebuilding of German communities. Out went the horrid, depressing, soul-draining and sterile architectural modernism of the jewish elites and in came a reawakening of the grand and the traditional – but now with a distinctive German spin. Social programs for the German citizenry previously unheard of throughout the world became the law – much to the horror of the Allied elites. No longer would German citizens be deprived of basic healthcare, a place to live and a decent well-paying job. Guaranteed maternity leave, marriage and family bonuses, paid annual vacations – including the luxury of subsidized ocean cruises on Germany’s new fleet of luxurious ocean liners. Is it any wonder so many from elsewhere throughout Europe wanted to immigrate to Germany at that time? From fashions to advances in technology Germany was unequalled and unsurpassed. (Pretty scary – and threatening – from an American and British perspective, huh?)

Adolf Hitler shovels dirt in Frankfurt, breaking ground on the first German Autobahn.

The litany of major infrastructure projects undertaken by the German Reich boggles the mind. The great Autobahn highway network comes foremost to mind, but there are countless others such as dams, canals, sewer, water and utility developments, including port facilities. Herr Hitler’s vision of turning Germany’s great cities into even more beautiful and sublime works of art and architecture were moving forward. If ever there was a time for mankind when humanity could flower so fully and abundantly and come into its own, this was that time at long last. It had finally arrived. A true leader among men was here to guide his people forward and to set an inspiring example for the rest of the world to follow.

Within only a few short years German communities – whether they be small towns or major urban centers – were flowering like never before. Crime on the streets was a thing of the past. Young women could walk the streets without fear, and litter and the illegal sale of drugs (and drug gangs) had all but completely disappeared. Public works of art were going up everywhere and new museums and cultural institutions were taking on a new and more pronounced purpose and significance in the day-to-day life of the average German citizenry. Imagine living in a world where you no longer felt distressed or worried about your future, knowing you had a national leader (and a system of designed government) wholly focused on making your life, your family’s life, your community and your nation healthy and whole. No more political parties, no more “politics” and special lobbying groups constantly pitting themselves against each other for selfish special interests contrary to the national good.

Ordensburg Vogelsang - Schleiden -
Castle Ordensburg Vogelsang was used as a school

In the many fields of science and technology Germany was leading the world. Her schools were the best, including those teaching the technical skills and crafts and other hands-on trades. There was a place and a purpose for everyone, regardless of their natural talents and personal levels of acumen, from kindergarten up through high school and beyond, with most education free. An additional outstanding feature of this new spirit of education included the establishment of the Hitler Youth program. Modelled along the lines of similar programs for both boys and girls in America ( Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts), this undertaking was much more all-encompassing, further teaching boys and girls responsibility towards the common good, environmental stewardship, comradeship and cultivating a love for the natural world around us. Beautiful campuses crafted in fine architecture and featuring splendid works of inspiring art were established in picturesque settings where more gifted students with special interests could develop their natural innate gifts to better serve themselves, their families and foster the nation’s well-being. Here was a leader (and leadership) striving towards building a true utopia here on earth – and all in service to a higher calling and a greater good for the enrichment and advancement of humanity and the German nation as a whole. Another feature pioneered by the Reich was the establishment of physical education programs for Germans of all ages. Organized events in parks, on field trips and in community festivals allowed citizens access to health and nutrition programs unknown and unheard of before. If ever existed a time when persons of all ages felt needed, wanted and loved this be the time that had come.

Unlike in other western countries Germany set up Labor Camps in place of prisons that simply “housed” inmates. Here “inmates” would be put to work learning skills and trades, and the sense of personal pride that comes with accomplishing something. It is true that the start of the war forced upon Germany by the Allies made it necessary to expand these labor camps in order to provide a labor pool for the war effort, they remained exceptionally well-designed, humane and healthy environments fairly right up until the end when Allied bombings and the destruction of the various transportation networks made transport of food stuffs, medical supplies, etc. all but impossible. What fateful conditions that arose at this latter period in time were the sole responsibility of the invading armies and in no way genuinely reflected on the German leadership and the armed forces struggling to hold what survived of the infrastructure together. The nation was crumbling under this massive “onslaught” and it remains to this day an inspiring example just how well the German government and its people struggled under insurmountable odds to continue to protect and safeguard the workers in the camps. When I think of or reflect upon Auschwitz I do not see a frightening, ominous building complex designed as a killing machine. Rather, I see a facility designed to humanely house working prisoners – and all set within well-designed buildings encompassing recreation facilities, swimming pools, hospitals, libraries, a grocery and various arts facilities. As this labor pool was paid for their work via “camp script”, inmates could purchase goods at the established stores. Here was a radically new mode for the detention of persons that poised a social problem for the larger healthy society.

I will not go into the great lie, or “hollow-hoax” that makes up the contrived fable that upwards of six million jews were put to their death in these numerous labor camps. Science (and the basic laws of physics) have proven this contrived story a profound lie originally crafted to help justify (in the public’s eye) the massive atrocities committed against the German people and the German state by the criminal Allies. At the very most, somewhere around one-half million persons of all backgrounds died in these camps over a five year period most through old age, various illness and towards the end, hunger and disease brought on by the Allied onslaught. German record keeping was meticulous with archived records (including those from the German Red Cross) recording virtually every single death in each camp, including names, ages, causes of death, etc. And it should be noted, this was a War on a gigantic scale. Tragedies on both sides were profound – but more so, on the German side which were truly prolific – horrific. Victors always write the history of such events – down-playing their own crimes and magnifying those of their opponents in order to justify their own crimes – and this great conflicts was no different.

It is a well-established fact Germany had no massive naval armada that could “conquer” the world. No great aircraft carriers existed within its fleet or troop transport ships. Just a few powerful battleships designed to protects its coasts and a submarine fleet whose sole purpose was for all intents and purposes designed to prevent Britain and the United States from transporting war materials and supplies eastward. For all intents and purposes Germany fought an entirely “defensive” war, going on the offensive only in a more proactive defensive way. The massive, negative propaganda employed against Germany by the United States and Britain was so flagrantly barbaric and dishonest as to be a war crime in and of itself. The resultant bitterness and hatred of Germany by the Allied general populous becomes easier to understand when taking into account this massive psychological campaign waged by powerful jewish interests almost incessantly via newspapers, magazines, radio and newsreels shown in movie theaters almost from the beginning of Herr Hitler’s ascendancy in leadership. Is the jewish-controlled, corporate media really any different today? Think about this.

One of the more obviously ridiculous propaganda items during those dreadful war years was the constant parading to the American public of Germany’s plans to bomb American cities via German war planes. Supposedly Germany was going to send massive waves of bombers across the Atlantic to unload their TONNAGE over east coast cities. Now think about this for a moment: No such massive war planes existed at that time that could carry even a minuscule load of bombs to cause any real damage, let alone fly back to the European continent. Even the technology for refuelling American military aircraft in mid-flight did not come into existence for several more decades, thereafter. Now add this one specific propaganda item into a massive mix proffered over several years leading up to (and into) the war and it becomes potently clear and easy to understand the mental “conditioning” both the American and British public were duped into believing. And let us not forget, there were quite a few individuals – public celebrities, politicians, religious figures, educated and commonsense citizens – who did not believe this BS and for the most part found themselves ostracized, out of work, potentially imprisoned, financially ruined, etc. Sound familiar?

Germany was no threat to anyone. Just as Herr Hitler repeatedly sought peace with Britain in the early years of World War II, he was repeatedly turned down. The British and French declaration of war was only a pretext to undertake the dismantling of Herr Hitler’s great vision for the German nation. Such a life-altering, honorable vision could not be allowed. Once fully established the jews, the jewish banking system and the elites who benefit from it would be out of power and useless in this new world as envisioned and which proceeded to come forth in the land of Germany. In other words, they would have to go out and get a real job. He had to be stopped, Germany must be ruined, her people destroyed, her culture and heritage laid waste and the man besmirched and defiled for all time. An example must be made of him. Again, does this sound familiar?

It remains significant to point out that all the so-called “evil”, menacing and obscene imagery used to describe Herr Hitler would best be utilized to describe most of our political and elite leadership here in America and around the world these past seventy-plus years. Everything we seem to have blamed on Herr Hitler and the Third Reich would actually better be understood to describe our own powers-that-be [writing as an American] and the horrific crimes we have committed against other nations and peoples since the time of that tragic war. (Think Korea, Vietnam, Libya, Iraq, Syria, Yemen, potentially Iran, etc. – not to mention our countless acts of aggression in central and south America). The tens upon tens of millions of civilians we have murdered and the countries we have devastated and wrecked these past seventy-plus years makes anything undertaken by the Third Reich look essentially miniscule and very childish in comparison.

Bodies awaits cremation after the bombing, 1945.
Pile of German bodies in Dresden. Photos such as this one have repeatedly been mislabelled by the jewish media and falsely described as jews killed by Germans.

When you peel away virtually all of the propaganda – then and now – with regards to Adolf Hitler, Germany and National Socialism, what emerges is a truly great leader almost Christ-like in his grace who offered the world a “new beginning” and a new understanding of man’s place in this world. Yes, I do believe he followed in Christ’s steps. And what did we do? America and Britain, controlled by powerful jewish interests, crucified this great man and saw fit to slaughter (baste, cook, roast, murder and rape) millions of its citizens and to lay utter waste (via massive fire bombing) to its great built legacy going back over a thousand years (Think most especially of the ancient, beautiful city of Dresden, Germany and the death of upwards of one and a half million German men, women and children roasted to death) simply to preserve elite jewish control of our world economic system and to set as an example to Germany (and the rest of the world) via this terrible, mind-numbing slaughter to never challenge this jewish elite again. (Note: The “official” version states only twenty-five thousand citizens died in that horrendous destruction but it fails to recognize the entire population of the city essentially disappeared.) Germany was no real threat to the rest of the civilized world – only to those whose power he threatened to vanish into thin air simply by way of his powerful and inspiring example to the world. From a geographic point of view, Herr Hitler sought only to restore the original German nation as it stood prior to the World War I, and to offer inclusion to those other small and adjacent regions filled with those of German ancestry and tradition who wanted (most enthusiastically) to join the greater Reich. Had he succeeded there would never have been a Cold War, the New Globalism, any communism anywhere in the world today, the endless wars that have followed, including all of the massive pillaging of man-made and natural resources, mass murder of tens of millions on a global scale, weather modification devastation, and the current planned genocide under the guise of a Corona virus. Most assuredly, there would be no vast and all-encompassing military industrial complex. And just think of the billions upon billions and trillions of dollars we would have saved for more productive purposes in building up a beautiful and more glorious nation of our own. Like the prophecy of the coming of the Messiah and a thousand years of peace and prosperity as predicted. It came, we refused to see, and we lost.

GERMANY – CIRCA 1930: Adolf Hitler (1889-1945), German statesman, in Berchtesgaden.

Comment: The problem with Germany I have is that of the Mind Control Experiments being conducted there on the Jewish People and others. Another Problem I have is the Inhumane experiments being brought here with Dr. Mengele imported via CIA’s Project Paperclip. A Great Country Cannot Have these Evil Experiments being done on any sector of their population and still be unsullied.


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