To Be President of the United States You MUST Be Willing to KILL CHILDREN; Here Are the Baby/Child Killers…Where Are the Protests???

May be an image of 5 people and text that says 'There has been no American president who has not engaged in wars and murders outside of the US borders. those of them who are now alive had their bloody hands involved in wars in the countries mentioned below Balkans Iraq Sudan Rwanda El-Salvador Guatemala Angola Afghanistan Guif War 200 Panama 2P0NNE Somalia libya Syria Yemen Afghanistan Ukraine Iraq Afghanistan Soviet Union Carter Clinton George H. W. Bush George W. Bush Obama'

Comment: To become president and get Cabal funding you must cross the bar into Pedophilia. There are a group of Sadistic Pedophiles in D.C. that love torturing children to death. George Herbert Walker Bush was of this group. The Presidents to be MUST have Secret Society memberships and these Secret Societies are controlled by the Satanic British Empire. Our Pedophiles in Chief are assigned their mass murder instructions by the British Monarchy & Empire which includes City of London Banksters. The World works pretty much the OPPOSITE of how the Lame Stream Media portrays it working. This Crime Syndicate is HIGHLY Organized and they ensure NO POLITICIAN will be put into power w/o having big dirt on the politician/person of influence to Ensure Total Control. All persons of Influence whether in the Media, Hollywood or D.C. is completely CONTROLLED by this evil cabal.

Comment: Above is the reason Hillary Clinton was a Cabal Favorite. If Amerika knew the truth these people would be hunted down and lynched. Hillary is WORSE than Serial Killer Ed Gein.

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