State Farm Supporting Trannie Crap; Boycott!

Aggregated and curated by Mike OpelkaState Farm caught pushing trans agenda to Florida 5-yr-oldPrimary Day — Five states to watch in run up to midtermsMonkey Pox — Where is it and should you be worried?Biden’s comms team rushes to clean up Joe’s China comment 
And like a good groomer, State Farm is there… Until they were caughtHeadlineLEAK: State Farm Said It’s Giving Transgender Books For Five-Year-Olds To Florida Schools, Appears To Backtrack

The First take: Like a good (woke) neighbor, apparently State Farm is there.READ IT ALL HEREBonus: Army considers letting soldiers switch bases if local laws discriminate against gender identity 

Bonus: 4-H summer camps may put kids in cabins based on their gender identity, not their gender
Primary Day in GA, TX, AR, AL & MNHeadline2022 midterms: What to watch in Georgia, Texas, elsewhere

The First take: We’re seeing an increased energy and interest in primary elections ahead of November’s midterms. Today’s big battle is in Georgia with the Republican gubernatorial race garnering the most interest as both Donald Trump and Mike Pence have endorsed different candidates.SEE THE LIVE UPDATES HEREBONUS: David Perdue takes heat for telling Stacey Abrams to “go back where she came from”

BONUS: RNC intervenes in PA Senate primary battle as McCormick sues to have undated ballots counted 
Monkeypox: Today’s update…HeadlineTwo probable monkeypox cases detected in Utah

The First take: Today’s distraction du jour, aka monkeypox is here in America, but, cases are still in single digits. The good news? We have a LOT of vaccines and good treatments. No panic needed, just be smart for yourself.GET THE STORYBonus: WHO expect points to monkeypox outbreaks in two European countries

Bonus: In case you missed it – Here are then signs and symptoms of monkeypox
Biden’s Taiwan comment inspires another “Clean up on aisle five”HeadlineWhite House rushes to correct Biden’s mistake…

The First take: The gaffe du jour was barely out of Biden’s mouth when his team was sending corrections to the media. Joe tried to fix himself saying he still believes in the “One China” policy. So does Beijing…but, their one-China includes Taiwan.CHECK OUT THE DETAILSBonus: China responds to Biden’s now-corrected comment

Bonus: Trump warns of ‘greatest danger ever’ for nuclear war
Must-see video:Bill O’Reilly: Hillary Clinton’s treason exposedDana Loesch: Don’t worry about monkeypoxBuck Sexton: Biden gaffes on China-Taiwan conflictJesse Kelly: Facts vs Fiction in American mediaMike Slater: China’s role in fentanyl crisis
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Bonus links:Tuesday is Primary Day in five states — here’s what to watchClash of the titans – Nadler vs Maloney thanks to redistrictingMichelle Obama says Oprah may be able to unite AmericaBiden considers tapping our strategic diesel reservesDespite Archbishop’s ban, Pelosi takes Holy Communion“Sister Act’s” Whoopi Goldberg weighs in on Canon LawPoll: Most Americans want abortion illegal after three monthsNational School Boards Assn wanted federal troops at meetingsPresident’s Daily Brief: Russia selling stolen wheatTrump posts ad slamming Hillary after bombshell testimonyShould we follow France on elections? Voter ID, paper ballots, etc.Musk: Twitter price should be based on number of real accountsThe average age of cars in the US just hit a new recordSee how inflation has raised the price of your hamburger
Today’s dose of good:Kitty litter…yeah, clay kitty litter may be a climate change fighter

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