Real Courageous Politician; Wish They Were All Like This

Thomas Massie Explained Why He Opposed “Stand with Ukraine” Resolution

By Jose Nino -March 15, 2022 Facebook Twitter Telegram Email Print

Kentucky Congressman Thomas Massie was one of three members of Congress who voted against a resolution that asserted “the United States stands fervently with the Ukrainian people” and greenlit open-ended military assistance to Ukraine in its battle with Russia. He was joined by Arizona Congressman Paul Gosar and Montana Congressman Matt Rosendale.

Massie was branded as a friend to Russia for his vote against a bill that would send massive amounts of weapons to Ukraine and NATO. 

On March 10, 2022, Max Blumenthal, the Editor-in-Chief of The Grayzoneasked Massie about why he voted that way.

Massie stressed that he believes in the sovereignty of the Ukrainian people to decide their own political destiny free of American or Russian interference. However, he took issue with a provision of the resolution that would expand the conflict to Belarus. 

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Interventionist proponents have cited how Russia has used Belarus to move its troops into Ukraine. Despite having a traditionally multi-vector foreign policy in which it courted both the West and Russia, Belarus has increasingly fallen into the latter’s orbit in recent years. 

For Massie, this resolution was a no-go because of how it would broaden the scope of the war and potentially turn into a world war. 

Massie also signaled his opposition to sending troops to Ukraine and the establishment of a no-fly zone. In the latter case, Massie observed that a no-fly zone “would mean American pilots shooting down Russian pilots in jets” — an act that could escalate a hot conflict with a nuclear power in Russia.

The Kentucky Congressman stressed that the America First position on Ukraine is to let Europeans “subsidize” war efforts if a broader war breaks out in Ukraine. However, American blood and treasure should not be sent over there. He noted that “we’ve already got enough inflation, enough supply shortages.” In his view, America’s entry into a war with thermonuclear implications will add another catastrophic problem that could cripple America for decades.

Just like former Congressman Ron Paul, Massie is a Republican who will go out of his way to vote against legislation, and be the sole opponent of it at times. That’s what real political courage looks like.  

It would be great if other politicians would follow suit and actually take a stand for the American people.

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