That was where Hunter Thompson first brought up Adrenochrome, the subject that got him killed. In the movie he says it is made from the adrenal glands of baby’s, this is not entirely true, at Gilgo Beach they were using call girls. I know things for a fact that I cannot say, not because I am afraid to say. I think we’ve now established in this pecking order who is to be feared. But my own family is involved, and I will not carry tales of my family. Let John do it, he is fearless and unlike Thompson he doesn’t know enough to get him killed. I’ll tell you this much here that John doesn’t even know; every upper-level law enforcement official is using it and helping to procure it. What the fuck do think turned them all into demons, or as Harry likes to say Nosferatu overnight Nine? One snort and you’re a vampire, that’s in a large part what you are looking at right now in DC, law enforcement, and the media. Or do you really still think any of this can be explained rationally?Reply
NineMay 13Liked by Jack HeartAbsolutely disturbing Jack, and thanks for shooting straight, my cycling pals are having a hard time defining what a woman is and like Vox give me a group of rural guys and we will drink coors lite and cook brats. Country folks are salt of the earth and I have no clue how this will play out.I am in for the duration or die trying.2Reply
Jack HeartMay 13AuthorI love Harry too, listen to all his stuff, guys a certified genius, but he’s just gonna keep touting the party line that Schlomo did it, that’s cause the party all got castles in Scotland too, nevertheless when I need a second opinion I go to Harry, no one else…1Reply
JTempMay 13Liked by Jack HeartWhile he is often a gripping writer, JK seems to be going over the edge here. When he starts talking about Biden’s underground tunnel complex under his Ukraine estate I feel like I’ve entered Q territory. Didn’t we get a similar story about US Army Delta team raiding the German servers after the stolen election? So where did that go?Also, if Robert David Steele was an illuminati secret agent, why is Joachim Hagopian’s writing all over Steele’s PedoEmpire website? I feel like Hagopian is one of the good guys. Apparently Kaminski does too. Was Hagopian duped by RDS, or is he another double agent?Can’t we stick to things that are believable, like the US bioweapon labs all over Ukraine. And Rothschild bankers. It’s hard to follow claims about ancient illuminati bloodlines.1Reply
Jack HeartMay 13AuthorThe Ukraine is known long before Maidan to have an extensive underground tunnel system JT, some even say it’s an entry point to the hollow earth. As far as a Delta team raid the only thing, they are raiding is the cookie jar, posers or you wouldn’t know a thing about them. The 101est takes care of things like that. Delta does photo opps. Robert David Steele? Who knows, Mr. Duff told me he took the money and a lot of it, he was murdered that’s a safe bet, Sean Stone says by lethal injection. I never paid him much mind with that Trump worshiping Qtard nonsense he wrote why would I? I remember nine wanting to fight him, that’s about it.2Reply
JTempMay 13Liked by Jack HeartWho built those tunnels? Are they leftover from the Soviet era?1Reply

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