American Marine Killed in Ukraine Was a Mercenary [Working For the Satanic Cabal]

American Marine Killed in Ukraine was a Mercenary

By infostormer -April 30, 20222

The Jew media is making a big deal out of a US Marine who was killed over in Ukraine. He’s being portrayed as some type of hero.

I have no idea what is heroic about fighting and dying for a corrupt and evil Jewish regime that is trying to force legalized gay anal sex and trannies on the world, but that is the media narrative that is being pushed.

What they aren’t saying or at least omitting is that he was a mercenary.

There’s nothing heroic about agreeing to fight on behalf of the highest bidder. It’s actually somewhat scummy. Especially considering the cause that he fought and ultimately died for.

There is simply no reason for any American to be fighting on behalf of the illegitimate Jewish government of Ukraine.

Comment: He was there to make the Secret Society Scumbags wealthier as if trillions in wealth is not enough whilst everyone else STARVES!

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