There is No Relation Between What a Psychopath Says And What a Psychopath Will Do and Musk is a Psychopath and a Member of the Cabal

Elon Musk is a Psychopath in Link Below:

By infostormer -April 26, 20226

The Twitter board folded and officially sold the company to Elon Musk yesterday. The company will go private as a result of the purchase. Musk has big plans for the site.

Here’s what he said about the purchase.

🚀💫♥️ Yesss!!! ♥️💫🚀

— Elon Musk (@elonmusk) April 25, 2022

I hope that even my worst critics remain on Twitter, because that is what free speech means

— Elon Musk (@elonmusk) April 25, 2022

All the things Musk wants to do I support. The spam bot problem is one issue that definitely needs to be addressed because of the false realities these bots have helped perpetuate. There are many users who have wildly inflated follower counts. Having an open source algorithm and promoting free speech are of course other things that I also fully support.

Musk basically wants to take Twitter back to the way it was around 2015 with various improvements. It’s not really a radical vision of any sort. Despite that, Jews and their assorted Marxist allies have been having a total meltdown over the Musk purchase. Just look at these insane tweets.

Elon Musk’s real goal has nothing to do with the freedom of others. His goal is the freedom to wield enormous power without having to be accountable to laws and regulations, shareholders, or market competition—which is why he’s dead set on owning Twitter.

— Robert Reich (@RBReich) April 25, 2022

Now that Elon Musk is buying Twitter, the question for all of us is: Will he allow a Criminal who used this platform to lie and spread disinformation to try to overthrow the US Government to return and continue his Criminal activity? And if he does, how do we combat it?

— Rob Reiner (@robreiner) April 25, 2022

I still think Elon Musk owning Twitter is a bad idea. He will amplify racists, bigots, and misinformation. He is a bad-faith actor with his distorted views of free speech and censorship.

— David Weissman (@davidmweissman) April 25, 2022

Elon Musk’s acquisition of Twitter is like buying someone else’s cute puppy from them because you’re rich enough to make them an offer they can’t refuse, without realizing that now you’re the one who’s gonna have to clean up all the piles of shit

— Palmer Report (@PalmerReport) April 26, 2022

Then there’s Jeff Bezos implying that Musk is a Chinese spy.

Interesting question. Did the Chinese government just gain a bit of leverage over the town square?

— Jeff Bezos (@JeffBezos) April 25, 2022

Bezos almost never comments on anything so the fact that he would attack Musk this way is a sign that these people are in a panic over this.

There are also other articles talking about how Musk isn’t a true believer in free speech because Tesla employees who were separated or terminated were asked to sign non-disclosure agreements. This is a standard business practice employed by corporations to protect the business. The employee is free to not sign the agreement or accept the terms set by the business. It is not comparative to being banned from a website for simply expressing your opinion.

The outrage is so dumb. None of these people had an issue with billionaires like Mark Zuckerberg owning Facebook, Instagram etc.. because he and these other people were on board with censoring and blacklisting people who had opinions they didn’t like. They’re only bringing up the issue of Musk being a billionaire and owning Twitter because he wants to restore some level of free discourse on the site.

I’m sure they’re going to try to do all sorts of things to harass and pressure Musk into not having free speech. They just don’t have any sort of coherent plan outside of some weird regulatory investigation they’ve launched into Tesla. They seem to have been largely caught off guard with how fast this all happened.

One final thing, it looks like some of the bot purges have begun. Some of these verified Twitter fags are losing thousands of followers.

Is anyone else losing followers too? I’m seeing people across Twitter report they have lost thousands today. I am down 5,000. Though much of that could be because I’m an idiot with way too many followers. Idk

— David Hogg 🌻 (@davidhogg111) April 25, 2022

Depending on how things play out, I may try to jump back on Twitter again. I was banned back around 2015 because I told a British MP that the Jewish Holocaust was a hoax and she was wrong for saying that it happened. But me going back on Twitter solely depends on if I can criticize the elite Jewish scum that have been destroying Western civilization. It might take some time to see if this will be possible or not.

I’ve also been thinking of rebranding this site and starting with a fresh domain etc.. since this website has been blacklisted almost everywhere. We’ll see how things go. But if I do rebrand the site, it would potentially be done in conjunction with a Twitter account etc.. A sort of fresh start if you will.

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