The Davos Depopulation Agenda Crowd Meets

Which you can watch in this video:
Seriously. World leaders and technocrats are gathered together now in Dubai at the World Government Summit. 

Of course to call for a New W0rld Order and Gr8 Reset. 

And Klaus Schwab took the chance to talk about how the global energy and food systems and supply chain will be affected.

In the video above, I give you my explanation of what Klaus Schwab is talking about and what this is looking like at the moment.

With homelessness and inflation ripping through the US and Biden ordering the release of 1 million barrels of oil per day.

While Putin is announcing countries hostile to him will have to pay for gas in rubles, starting tomorrow, and that he will cut them off if they don’t. 

Plus, I get into the latest Hunter Biden coverage and the disastrous launch of CNN+

Thx so much for watching you beautiful and amazing human being,


PS in today’s Luke Uncensored episode, I explain why maybe this is all happening on purpose.

Comment: Perhaps they are meeting to unleash the Marburg Virus next??? IMO if Putin is defeated we will all go down. He is the only leader remotely representing his people. The Satanists running the Western countries Hate Him. This speaks volumes to me as I know from Years of Research our Leaders, A List Actors are ALL pedophiles and our presidents are generally heinous sadistic abusers of children. They don’t care about us! None of them. People need to get this through their heads.

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