Abolish the Federal Reserve Bank & Prosecute the Crime Mob That Runs It! We Need A New Pecora Commission!


Organizing for the Third American Economic Revolution at Trump rally in Michigan. LaRouchePAC photo.The United States is in the middle of a political revolution, a revolution which began in 2016 with the election of Donald Trump. Despite the coup of 2020, that revolution has advanced. Citizens across the nation have organized themselves as candidates and activists to challenge the political power of a global elite which has ruled this nation as a “uniparty” for too long.For this revolution to succeed, the economic power of the imperial financiers must be challenged and destroyed by eliminating their system of private central banking. We must abolish the Federal Reserve and replace it with the system of national banking, as created by Alexander Hamilton and advanced by Abraham Lincoln and Lyndon LaRouche.This fight must become the spear-point of the 2022 midterm campaigns. Join us in creating a mighty force of candidates, elected officials, organizations, and activists who are committed, once again, to reclaiming our economic sovereignty from the British imperial central banking system. Take this statement to everyone who is running for or in office and ask for their endorsement. Take it to organizations and ask for their support. Take it to your neighbors, and educate and recruit them.Read—Endorse—CirculateIt is time for The Third American Economic Revolution!

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