mRNA Spike Protein + Nuclear Radiation Will Result In Cancer Deaths

mRNA spike protein + low-level nuclear radiation will result in global cancer deaths
It is now becoming abundantly obvious what the next phase is going to be for achieving global depopulation.The spike protein mRNA injections cause about a 90 percent suppression of the DNA repair mechanism known as NHEJ – Non-Homologous End-Joining. This is a cellular mechanism that exists inside the cells of humans, animals and plants to maintain genetic integrity — a necessary condition for life.When NHEJ is suppressed, the body cannot repair DNA damage and begins to grow micro tumors.All that is necessary for globalists to kill those five billion people is to unleash a new source of low-level ionizing radiation that circulates across the globe… and then let physics do the rest.Get the critical details in today’s urgent podcast and feature article here.Also in today’s podcast:Where you can download the Nuclear War Survival Skills book for free as a PDF.
 What you need to understand about radioisotope half lives and how to clear them out of your body if you ingest them.
 Where and how to stock up on survival meats, human-powered vehicles, survival gear and other similar solutions.
 What key things you need to know about ionizing radiation and how your body repairs it.
 How to store digital files and information in a format that can survive an EMP attack and most wars.

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