CIA Reports to Jewish Avril Harriman as The CIA is KOSHER.

March 4- Fri – Dr David Duke does Rush Limbaugh like show – He & You – One hour on why the Globo Homo – Jewish Global Supremacy & Traitor Zelensky want Ukrainian goys to commit mass suicide in a war they cannot win!!

March 3- Thur – Dr Duke & Paul Edward Stevenson – The Jewish Globalists don’t want this war to end soon…they want a lot more goy blood shed for their total global supremacy!

March 2 – Wed – Dr Duke and Dr Slattery – This is a war incited by the Jewish globalists — It is not Russia against Ukraine or vice-versa – It is the Jewish World Order against Ukraine, Russia, America and the world !!

March 1 – Tue – Dr Duke and Andy Hitchcock – Evil Zio Globalists are sending massive weapons into Ukraine to keep the war raging & kill as many Ukrainians and Russians as possible in a War only for Jewish Supremacy!!!

Feb 28 – Mon –  Dr Duke & Sr Slattery – The Jewish Global Cabal is at war against Russia & it is also waging war on Ukraine, on Europe, America and all the goyim of the World!

Feb 25 – Thur –  Dr Duke and Mark Collett – Proof that the Jewish Globalists Purposely Caused this Ukraine War! ! 

Feb 24 – Thur –  Dr Duke & Paul Stevenson – This is not just a war against Russia, It is a Jewish Globalist war against Ukraine, Europe, the American People and all Mankind! 

Feb 23 – Tue –  Dr Duke and Dr Slattery – 3 innocent White men and their families destroyed because a crazy Black schizoid criminal attacks them & More on the Jewish led war against Russia and all of us in Ukraine! 

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