War Danger Continues As Russia’s Security Issues Not Resolved But Ignored; Our Satanists Don’t Want Russian Development (New Silk Road) Nor Economic Prosperity

Russian President Putin yesterday issued a public statement on the response of the U.S. and NATO to his demand for security guarantees. He said that “the fundamental Russian concerns were ignored.” Meanwhile, the Brits threaten tougher sanctions, against anyone doing business with Russia!

There is further confirmation of the European Union’s war on people, in a report on how Green policy will reduce food production in many crops between 10% to 30%. This will drive up food prices further for more wealthy Europeans, but take food off the table for up to 400 million people in poorer countries, which will have to export their food to EU countries. Watch the Schiller Institute video, “Why Are Farmers NOT Allowed to Produce Food?Do you like this post?

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