Cabal Members Such as Bill Gates Do NOT Vaccinate Their Children

Bill Gates Opted Out of the Vaccine Program for His Own Children, But Wants It Mandatory For Yours

(sourceThe physician who served as Bill Gates’ private doctor in Seattle in the 1990s says the Microsoft founder and vaccine proponent “refused to vaccinate his own children” when they were young.

Bill Gates and the Gates Foundation are becoming so influential in the World Health Organisation corridors of power, that he has been labelled the most powerful doctor in the world. But it would seem that even in the 1990’s he was aware of the harm that vaccines can cause.

I don’t know if he had them vaccinated as adults, but I can tell you he point blank refused to vaccinate them as children,” the family physician said at a behind closed doors medical symposium in Seattle, adding “They were gorgeous kids, really smart and vivacious, and he said they would be OK as it was, they didn’t need any shots.

The comments caused a stir among physicians at the symposium with claims he was breaking doctor-patient confidentiality, according to reports. However, as he was speaking to other physicians, he was not breaking the industry code of conduct.

Gates has three children with his wife Melinda – Jennifer, Rory and Phoebe – born between 1996 and 2002, and according to his former doctor, they are all unvaccinated and healthy.

The news that Bill Gates does not vaccinate his own children, despite being the world’s most active campaigner for mandatory vaccinations, should come as no surprise. Studies prove that the elite do not vaccinate their children. But at the same time they expect the masses to have their children vaccinated.

The elite do not vaccinate 

In California, the children most likely to be unvaccinated are white and come from the wealthiest families in Los Angeles, according to a recent study.

The percentage of kindergartners with state-issued personal belief exemptions doubled from 2007 to 2013, from 1.54% to 3.06%. That’s about 17,000 of the wealthiest children, out of more than half a million, opting out of receiving vaccinations.

Vaccine exemption percentages were highest in mostly white, high-income neighborhoods such as Orange County, Santa Barbara and parts of the Bay Area, according to CNN.

The study, which was published in the American Journal of Public Heath, looked at more than 6,200 California schools and found vaccine exemptions were twice as common among kindergartners attending private institutions.

Very rich and privileged parents like the idea of herd immunity, but they don’t want to take the risks associated with vaccinations when it comes to their own children. They are worried about adverse reactions including autism.

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3 thoughts on “Bill Gates Opted Out of the Vaccine Program for His Own Children, But Wants It Mandatory For Yours”


  1. KitNo surprise there, absolute scum, all the sheep going for their vaccines believing every thing WHO say and what world governments say, karma is a bitch, money can’t buy everythingLiked by 1 personReply
  2. Canadian WildflowerOf course! “They” are the only ones allowed to have any brains or health left by the time this is all said and done! We ALL need to refuse vaccinations…UNTIL THEY INJECT EVERY ONE OF THEMSELVES THE WAY THEY WANT TO DO TO US. Let them “prove” their words to us!Liked by 3 peopleReply
  3. scsmith2Does this mean we can say our kids (and us) will be OK and don’t need any shots? Something tells me “no”.

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