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The ADL condemns Trump for feeding “conspiratorial anti-Semites.”
DECEMBER 17, 2021

The New York Intelligencer: Trump Claims Israel Controlled Congress, Jews Run New York Times

The Most Anti-Semitic President in History.


No one delivers a poison pill in a sugar-coated capsule quite like “The Donald.” So adept is he at this game of subtle shit-stirring that even many amongst us “far right” folks — unable to (or unwilling to) understand the chess that he is playing — still believe that Trump is just another “shabbos goy” in slavish service to “the usual suspects.”

Here are just a few examples of Trump’s game of sugary poison:

* Trump on Bill Clinton (2016 FOX interview):
“Bill Clinton. Nice guy (the sugar) — but he’s got some problems with that Island — Epstein’s. (the poison).

* Trump on the Israel Lobby (2021 radio show):
“Israel literally owned Congress (the poison)…  And it was so powerful. It was so powerful (more poison). And today it’s almost the opposite … Israel is no longer a force in Congress anymore. It’s amazing. I’ve never seen such a change…. Israel had such power over Congress (more poison), and rightfully (the sugar), and now it doesn’t.”

* Trump on Bibi Natanyahu
“I liked Bibi. I still like Bibi. (the sugar) But I also like loyalty. The first person to congratulate Biden was Bibi. And not only did he congratulate him, he did it on tape. He was very early — like, earlier than most. I haven’t spoken to him since. F*ck him.” (the poison)

I said, ‘Bibi, you don’t want to make a deal. Do you?’ And he said, ‘Well, uh, uh uh’ — and the fact is, I don’t think Bibi ever wanted to make a peace deal.”(more poison)

There are many more examples of this effective tactic — a trick which your activist reporter here, not lacking in cunning himself — has used often to penetrate radio call-in shows. I would start out by telling the screener, and then the host, how insightful and thought-provoking his commentary was: “Hi Geraldo. Long time listener, first time caller. Love your program man!” —- And then, I’d transition and casually drop a quickie truth bomb before the stunned screener could scramble and end the call within the 5-second time lag. That, in essence, is what Trump is doing to fight the Jewish Mafia.

The Times of IsraelThe Hill

Trump is indeed putting Israel in its place.

This latest calculated incident of poison-pilling has really got the Judenpresse squealing. The Trump haters on the “far right” will only see the pro-Israel sugar. The more astute among us will smell out the real message that Trump just sent. Let’s analyze:

Trump: People in this country that are Jewish no longer love Israel (The sugar: Trump is speaking in the context of one who is saddened by Jews who don’t love Israel). … I’ve said this for a long time: The Jewish people in the United States either don’t like Israel or don’t care about Israel. (The poison: Trump is telling the Israel Firsters and Likudniks that everyone, even many Jews, are sick of them!)
Analysis: Trump is exploiting the very real division between the Israel Firsters and those Jews who really don’t identify with — and in many cases, even loathe — Israeli ultra-nationalism (and there are plenty.)

Trump: I’ll tell you, the evangelical Christians love Israel more than the Jews in this country.
Analysis: This is strategically calculated to reassure the many millions of Israel-worshiping “Judeo-Christian” crazies that Trump still loves Israel and that he identifies with the Evangelicals. Nauseating as it may sound, it is absolutely critical to prevent Israel’s paid “pastors” from counter-attacking Trump — as some already are.

Trump: It used to be that Israel had absolute power over Congress. And today I think it’s the exact opposite. And I think Obama and Biden did that.
Analysis: Trump, as he did last month, again repeated the “anti-Semitic trope” that Israel controlled the US Congress (the poison). Blaming Obama and Biden for the loss of this influence is only a strategic disclaimer — implying that Israel’s weakened position is a bad thing (the sugar).

Trump: I mean, you look at The New York Times. —- The New York Times hates Israel, hates them. And they’re Jewish people that run The New York TimesI mean, the Sulzberger family.
Analysis: Oh no he didn’t! —- Oh yes he just did!
Trump prefaced his coming attack in the context of his professed love for Israel (the protective sugar). Then, he outed the “Jewish people” — specifically, the almighty Sulzbergers — before millions of Americans who were previously unaware of this mighty Jewish clan which controls the hated New York Slimes! (a massive dose of poison!)

Though the planted “far right” traitors in our ranks (and their innocent dupes) will continue to shout “but, but, muh Jared Kushner — but, but muh Jerusalem Embassy”  but but muh Golan Heights — but, but muh Trump wore a beanie cap at the Wailing Wall — rest assured that the “usual suspects” know EXACTLY what Trump is doing. This is clearly evidenced by the sound of the big guns currently being fired by the Judenpresse — with the conspicuous exception, so far, of Sulzberger’s curiously silent NY Times!

Rolling StoneBusiness InsiderSalon Magazine

None have dared to call out the 125 year old Sulzberger Dynasty by nameand ethnicity– until Trump.


Trump’s strategic courting of Evangelicals put him in a position in which he was able to deal strongly with Israel. Though some paid pastors will turn on him (see headlines below), Trump will not lose his Christian base.

i24 NewsThe Political WireChristianity TodayTimes of Israel

Boobus Americanus 1:  I read in the New York Intelligencer today that Trump said that Jews run the New York Times.

 Boobus Americanus 2: That’s strange. I didn’t see anything about that in the New York Times today.
St. Sugar: That’ss cuz the Suslzbergerss are in frickin’ sshock and don’t know how to resspond!

Editor: Trump’s growing boldness is a sign of his growing power. 



The Sassoon Family
aka ‘The Rothschilds of the East ‘

By Mike King

There once was a wealthy “person of the Jewish faith” named David Sassoon — who, like his father, had served as treasurer to the pashas (governors) of Ottoman-ruled Baghdad (in modern day Iraq). Eventually, the people and a new pasha turned against the Jewish money manipulators (surprise surprise). In the early 1830’s — as the result of a corruption scandal — David and his brother Joseph left “anti-Semitic” Baghdad to seek new scams in new lands.

Joseph Sassoon settled in the city of Aleppo (modern day Syria) where he established a merchant house. Later on, his business interests spread to Alexandria, Thessaloniki, and Athens. The business empire included a shipping company and a money exchange house. His five sons later branched out in different directions.

But it was David — who led the community’s exodus to Bombay (now known as Mumbai, India) — that established the branch of the Sassoon Family which was to rank among the wealthiest and most respected and influential dynasties in the world. David Sassoon and his eight sons profited handsomely from several different types of businesses. They made a fortune in textiles; but the trade which really raked in the shekels for the new “Indians” later dubbed “the Rothschilds of the East” was in selling opium, aka narcotics, aka “dope” in China.

1. The ancestors of the Jewish Sassoon Family had been expelled from the Iberian Peninsula (Spain / Portugal) 300 years before David had been born. The Ottoman Turkish Empire welcomed the banished Jews. But when the Sassoons became embroiled in a corruption scandal, it was time for David and Joseph to pack up and leave again — this time, for India and Syria respectively. // 2 & 3. David Sassoon later founded Sassoon & Sons — a mighty financial and political operation which later expanded to the trafficking of opium to China.

1. Massive synagogue in Mumbai, India — built by the Sassoon Crime Family. // 2. There are still 4,000 Jews and 10 synagogues in Mumbai. // 3. The massive tomb of the famously ostentatious Drug Lord, David Sassoon — in India.


The First Opium War was fought between the United Kingdom and the Qing dynasty of China, mainly over the trade in opium. The privately owned British East India Company, (cough cough, Rothschild, cough cough) had been growing opium in India and smuggling it into China illegally. The influx of narcotics reversed the trade surplus which China had enjoyed while creating millions of opium addicts. Understandably, Chinese officials were not pleased about the British India-China opium trade.

In 1839, the Emperor instructed viceroy Lin Zexu to stop the trade. To that end, Lin wrote a letter to British Queen Victoria appealing to her moral responsibility to stop the opium trade. Little did the viceroy know that by that time, Queen Victoria was already just a figurehead. It was Rothschild and his ilk that ruled Britannia. There was no response to the letter.

1. Coat of Arms for the private company / military force — The British East India Company // 2. The trade routes from India to China. // 3. There’s a LOT of shekels in dope!

Finally, Lin resorted to force by confiscating all supplies and ordering a blockade of foreign ships and confiscation of their cargoes of opium. The British Rothschild government responded by dispatching its sophisticated heavy gunboats to defeat those of the Chinese. The Chinese were forced to sign the Treaty of Nanking in 1842 — which granted treaty ports to foreign merchants, imposed reparations, and ceded Hong Kong Island to the British Empire.

Thanks to that unjust war, by the 1840s, Sassoon and sons came to dominate the opium trade between India and China. Branching out from Bombay, the drug smuggling low-lives established operations in some of the Chinese port cities which the British now controlled — Shanghai, Hong Kong and Canton. In time, Shanghai would become notorious for its opium use, prostitution and other vices. The dope, and the shekels, were really flowing now!

1. French political cartoon from 1840 depicts an Englishman ordering the emperor to buy opium as a dead Chinaman lays on the floor. The caption reads: “We want you to poison yourself completely because we need to buy a lot of tea in order to digest our beef.” // 2. Another cartoon: Englishman pouring opium down a Chinaman’s throat. // 3. British gunboats gave the British an advantage — hence the term “gunboat diplomacy.”


The terms of the Treaty of Nanking humiliated and weakened China for many decades — but it pleased the Sassoon gangsters.


Resentment over the humiliating Treaty of Nanjing and continued concern over the hated opium trade that was, by this time, completely dominated by the Sassoons, caused the Chinese to again rise up against British (Rothschild) imperialism. Again, the British (this time joined by Rothschild France) — would be victorious.

The 2nd Opium War resulted in the Treaty of Tientsin in 1858, which was even more unjust and humiliating than the previous treaty. The Treaty:

  • Imposed reparations upon China for the expenses of the recent war.
  • Ten more ports were forced open to European control
  • The opium trade was legalized
  • China was forced to admit foreign traders and missionaries

Both in the short term and in the long run, these events were very bad for once-prosperous China; but very good for the drug-dealing Sassoons and the money-lending / stock-owning Rothschilds.


Another war — same result –followed by a cruel treaty foreshadowing the Versailles Treaty by which UK & France would ruin innocent Germany 60 years later.


As easily as David had gone from being an “Arab” to an “Indian,” so too did his son Abdullah (born in Baghdad) transition from “Indian” to being an ‘Englishman.” He simply changed his first name to Albert, moved to London, and was granted the title of “Baronette.” The son of David — also a drug dealer — was now “Sir” Albert Sassoon.

“Sir” Albert’s title passed on to his son, “Sir” Edward Sassoon. The 2nd Baronette became most noteworthy for serving as a member of the British Parliament and marrying Aline Caroline de Rothschild — the granddaughter of “nobleman” James de Rothschild(Paris branch) and great granddaughter of Rothschild patriarch Mayer Amschel. She was known as, “Lady Sassoon.” The Sassoons and the Rothschilds — a marriage of money-grubbing families from hell. The titled couple spawned “Sir” Philip Sassoon, 3rd Baronet — who also held a seat in Parliament.

From the late 1800s until 1903, Rachel Beer(a Sassoon), also owned two influential newspapers — The Sunday Times and The Observer — both left-leaning, of course.


Patriarch David spawned three generations of “English” Barons / politicians which took the Sassoons into the 20th Century. Edward, the 2nd Baronet, married a Rothschild.
Other Sassoon cousins made their mark in business and “philanthropy” — which is how elite criminals buy influence and status — and some ended up in New York. Unlike the undying influence of the Rothschilds, the Sassoons, though still with us, fizzled about 50 years ago.

But the evil deeds inflicted upon 19th Century China by “the West” (cough cough) are still remembered as what the Chinese refer to as “the Century of Humiliation.” As it was with the African slave trade and the Iraq war, elite Jews do the oppressing — and “white westerners” get the full historical blame. The Italian-based American poet Ezra Pound — who ended up being wrongly arrested and then committed to an American insane asylum for 7 years after World War II — best summed up this dynamic during a wartime radio address aimed at Britain:

“It is an outrage that any nice young man from the suburbs should be expected to die for Victor Sassoon. It is an outrage that any drunken footman’s byblow (bastard child) should be asked to die for Sassoon. You cannot touch a sore or a shame in your empire but you find a Mond, a Sassoon, or a Goldsmid. You have no race left in your government.”
Tell it, Mr. Pound. Tell it!

1 & 2. Sassoon’s legacy of doped-up Chinamen lasted into the 20th Century. // 3. The Chinese remember the humiliation — but do they know about the Sassoons?



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