Things China Did Not Do to You

More Things That China Did Not Do to You

Andrew Anglin December 2, 2021

Yesterday, I made a heavily abridged bulletpoint list of things that small-eyed yellow people did not do to you.

A reader extended this list:

  • Shot the innocent dogs and children of people who failed to pay the ATF a $200 tax stamp
  • Shot the unarmed wife of someone who failed to pay the tax stamp while she was holding a baby
  • Lied to the media that the Branch Davidians were abusing their kids, then crushed and suffocated those kids in an armored vehicle attack
  • Lied to Anne Richards that Branch Davidians were manufacturing drugs so they could requisition Black Hawks from the Texas NatGuard
  • Refused to allow firemen on scene to put out the Davidians’ church after they set it on fire
  • Destroyed evidence proving they lied about who began shooting at Waco
  • Posed for photo-ops over the charred corpses of children who died in the attack
  • Nominated the human garbage who posed for those photo-ops to run the ATF
  • Didn’t announce warrants before they started shooting in both cases
  • Gave Moslem terrorists the explosives they used to blow up the WTC parking garage in 1993
  • Murdered teenagers who stumbled upon a CIA drug smuggling operation in Mena, Arkansas
  • Murdered witnesses who went public about the murdered teenagers in Mena, Arkansas
  • Classified parents who complained about trannies raping other students to school boards as domestic terrorists
  • Covered up cases of thousands of people including children who have gone missing without a trace on federal land by refusing to give anyone a permit to film anything about those cases on federal land
  • Surrounded a ranch with Black Hawks, armored vehicles and tactitard ZOGbots because the rancher didn’t pay increased public land grazing fees
  • Allowed radical anti-White neo-Marxist groups like Antifa and BLM access to confidential DOJ records
  • Dumped depleted uranium all over Iraq, then covered up the resulting sickness in veterans and locals
  • Hoaxed “incubator babies” to manipulate peasants into supporting the Gulf War
  • Entrapped John DeLorean on bogus drug charges
  • Defamed Dr. Bruce Ivins over anthrax hoax, driving him to suicide
  • Armed Mexican cartels with illegal firearms
  • Armed ISIS terrorists with illegal firearms, then allowed them to immigrate here and do terrorism
  • Let 9/11 happen despite advanced foreknowledge/likely collaborated with Jews to make it happen
  • Abducted people and subjected them to involuntary drugging and mind control experiments
  • Probably killed JFK, then had a Jew mobster silence their patsy
  • Lied about the Gulf of Tonkin incident, then drafted and sent 50,000 Americans to their deaths in Vietnam over the lie
  • Lied about the Lusitania being a civilian passenger ship not full of armaments
  • Deliberately added deadly chemicals to bootlegged alcohol, and then allowed it to be sold to unwitting consumers during prohibition
  • Robbed graves for human bodies to use in nuclear blast tests
  • Tested infrasound as a weapon and concluded it made many people sick, then denied infrasound-generating wind turbines make civilians sick

Of course, the list could just go on and on. It could have millions of entries.

But China is the problem in your life?

I am very much left wondering: what exactly did China do to you?

Assuming you’re not a Vietnamese fisherman, an Islamic terrorist in Western China, a Hong Kong Antifa, or a gay-married Taiwanese, I do not believe that China did anything to you. Actually, I don’t think China did anything unfair to those listed groups.

But you should make a list of the things China did to you.

Maybe they did do something to you?

They’ve never done anything to me, but maybe they did something to you?

But surely, whatever it was, it is so minuscule in comparison to what the US government has done to you as to not be worth spending even one sentence on.

But our media, and apparently a large percentage of the peasant population, is fixated on China as the “enemy,” while their actual enemy rules their country.

People are really stupid.

It is just fantastical that we can be living under the single most tyrannical government that has ever existed, and that government can say, “Hey! Look over there! Look at those small-eyed people! They eat dogs!” and that the peasants will say, “Yes, government and media – you’re right! That is the real problem!”

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