Kim Jong Un Minds His Own Business & Doesn’t Interfere With Other Nation’s Lives So Why Is He A Target Of America’s Globalists?

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Ghazy Le Baron

Jum3np1e oi12l, 20752507g  · He didn’t burn Syria.. He didn’t destroy Iraq.. He didn’t starve Africa.. He didn’t loot the wealth of weak countries.. He didn’t drop phosphorus bombs on Palestinian children.. didn’t nuke japan.. didn’t start a civil war in Rwanda.. didn’t destroy the mountains of Tora Bora.. didn’t blow up the State of Libya.. did not divide Somalia….Nevertheless, they have attracted into our minds that he is the first enemy of humanity. As for his opponents who have killed, destroyed, displaced and looted home countries, they are Democrats and humanists!!This is how the media brainwashing the public 🤔 ..  · See original  · 

Comment: Everything above is what the United States and British Empire have done.

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