GOP Senator and ISRAEL Shill Advocates Nuking Russia Over Ukraine; Our Secret Society Criminals Want Us All Firebombed in WW3 With Russia & China

Because That’s what we do as we are a bunch of idiots who listen to a Bunch of Satanic PSYCHOPATHS. BTW America these Psychopaths don’t like You either. They want you to be firebombed like they did the Japanese; This is why they want WW3 with Russia and China.


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AUGUST 6-9, 2021

The Truth About the Atomic Bombs Dropped on Japan



August 6th and August 9th mark the anniversaries of the back-to-back mass-murder bombs dropped upon the peaceful and innocent  people of Japan as the nation was pleading with the United States — via Soviet channels — to allow it to negotiate a surrender in 1945. Little did the Japanese know that negotiated surrender was always “off the table” for two reasons:

*1. The war had to be kept going until the Soviets (already plotting the betrayal of their non-aggression pact with Japan) could enter the war in Asia and seize control of Manchurian ports. This was part of a secret deal made at the Yalta giveaway conference of February 1945.
*2. The killer A-bombs need to be demonstrated on a live population in advance of the “Cold War” which was already being planned. Fear of “the bomb” would, by design, prove to be a very effective tactic with which to later on frighten nations into various forms of NWO consolidation (UN, NATO, European Common Market etc)

So you see, this 76-year-old bullshit about the mass slaughter and mass terrorization of Japanese civilian men, women and children being necessary to end the war and save lives is — like everything else we’ve been taught about “The Good War” — a grotesque inversion of realty.

The Fake Scientists of the “Doomsday Clock”

1. Six months earlier, at Yalta, the “Big 3” monsters agreed that Stalin was to be given control of parts of Manchuria and North Korea — after the Soviets entered the war against Japan. // 2. The Soviets declared war on Japan at the same time as Nagasaki was bombed. They were thus able to join the soon-to-end war without sustaining casualties. // 3. The spectacle of “the bomb” was very good for Globalism. What emerged in the post-war years was the idea that some sort of world government was needed to prevent a nuclear war.
As deadly as the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki were — (“Official Numbers” — 130,000 & 80,000 civilians killed, respectively, 250,000 more by cancers in later years) — the majority of Japanese women, children and non-combatants killed during World War 2 lost their lives due to “conventional” bombing  and demonic firebombing. An estimated 100,000 were broiled or suffocated in one night in Tokyo alone. Operation Meetinghouse — conducted on the night March 9, 1945, destroyed 16 square miles of the city’s center — leaving an estimated 100,000 civilians dead and one million homeless. The cruel clique of communists and Jews commanding U.S. President Harry Truman psychologically terrorized scores of millions more civilians with mass leaflet drops across Japan. For months, the U.S. dropped 60 million leaflets threatening total destruction. Some of the cities which were firebombed were  as much as 90% destroyed!

But when it came to dropping the monster bombs, the Scientific Panel of the Interim Committee — led by the Communist Jew Robert Oppenheimer and the Communist Italian Enrico Fermi — decided against a demonstration warning bomb and against a special leaflet warning. Those decisions were made because the Globalists monsters didn’t want to take a chance on Japan unconditionally surrendering before the Soviets could enter the war; and before Japan and the world could be shocked by the coming horror show. The Communist Committee recommended that the bombs be dropped on war plants near the homes of workersTruman and his inner circle — in spite of Japan’s surrender overtures and in spite of arguments made against the necessity of the bomb drops — complied with the recommendations of the mad scientists instead.


  1. The Firebombing of Tokyo — 100,000 civilians roasted and vaporized. // 2. Threat leaflets were dropped on Japan, some versions showing the names of 12 Japanese cities targeted for destruction by firebombing. The other side contained text stating “… we cannot promise that only these cities will be among those attacked.” ​// 3. Communist psychopath Robert Oppenheimer (who once tried to poison his tutor in college — here) opposed issuing warning leaflets for the bombing of Hiroshima.
As is typical of (((these))) Satanic psychopaths, the terminology surrounding the codenames of the bombs tells us (without actually telling us) what they are all about. The 1943 firebombing of Hamburg, Germany — for example — was code-named, “Operation Gomorrah” — after the ancient city firebombed out of existence in the Old Testament. The invasion of Normandy — as another example — kicked off exactly at 6AM on the sixth day of the sixth month (June) — 666; and was code-named “Operation Overlord (Satan) and nick-named “D-Day” (Devil’s Day?). And the ghastly 1945 firebombing of the predominantly Catholic city of Dresden, Germany was executed on the religious day of “Ash Wednesday” — when the observant have a burnt ash rubbed on their forehead. And finally, the “V for Victory” hand sign which Winston Churchill often flashed appear to be Devil’s horns. 

But the symbolism / terminology of the bomb drops was the most vile of all. The Hiroshima bomb: Little Boy. And Nagasaki, just 3 days later: Fat Man. — Fat Man and a Little Boy — sounds like that cigar-chomping poofter Churchill getting dirty with one of his boy toys. After all, Satanists are pedo-monsters, ya know.

  1. Operation Gomorrah — Hamburg // 2. D-Day — 666 // 3. “V” for Satan, flashed by pedo-rapist Churchill “Fat Man”

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