Cover-Up FBI Raids Real Journalism Project Veritas Over Ashley Biden’s Diary As ZIONIST British Empire Needs Joe Biden For Their Benefit & His Daughter Outs Him as Major Paedo!

FBI Raids Project Veritas Over Ashley Biden’s Diary

By infostormer -November 6, 20211

The FBI is raiding the homes of people associated with Project Veritas over an alleged copy of Ashley Biden’s diary. Ashley is the daughter of the fake and illegitimate President Joe Biden. Apparently, Project Veritas was given the diary from a tipster but the FBI is claiming that it is stolen property and is putting the blame on Project Veritas. Whole thing looks like an FBI setup.

James O’Keefe put out a statement about the situation.

They obviously want to dismantle Project Veritas because they are one of the only organizations left in America doing legitimate journalism. They have exposed all sorts of corruption and criminality that has been greatly embarrassing to the ZOG machine.

The diary describes Joe Biden doing all sorts of weird stuff. Of course, I’m skeptical that this diary is even real. Even if it is real, we don’t need it to know that Biden is a creepy pervert. There’s all sorts of publicly available footage showing that this is the case. So the contents of this diary real or fake is of little interest to me.

I don’t think Biden ordered this. Biden doesn’t even appear to be in control of his own bowels let alone the government. This was the FBI doing this on their own to try and bring down Project Veritas. The tipster that originally approached Project Veritas with the diary was probably working for the FBI in some capacity.

People have to stop looking at the FBI as a legitimate law enforcement agency. They are nothing of the sort. They are a political weapon being used by the establishment to destroy political opponents. They also have a long track record of stating all sorts of strange hoaxes. Anybody who works for this organization is a bad person and should not be trusted.

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