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 10 Days and Counting … You Won’t Be Able to Put Down This Book 3 More Reports of Teen Deaths After COVID Vaccines, as Reported Injuries Exceed 850,000 Vaccine-Injured Speak Out, Feel Abandoned by Government Who Told Them COVID Shot Was Safe 17 Pharma Henchmen Who Voted to Experiment on Your Kids — and How to Shun Them Top-Selling Drug in the World — Pfizer COVID Vaccine 2021 Sales on Track to Hit $36 Billion 5G Harms Humans, Animals, Plants, Landmark Study Shows ‘Brought to You by Pfizer’: Pharma Giant Spends More on Ads, News Sponsorships, Than Research Prominent Scientists Go Public: ‘Fauci Fooled America’ OSHA Gives Workers Until Jan. 4 to Comply With Biden’s COVID Vaccine Mandate, Lawmakers Tee Up Lawsuits
 Authors of Great Barrington Declaration Got It Right — Lockdowns Were a Disaster, Especially for Young People
You Make It PossibleChildren’s Health Defense depends on generous donations from our community. Large or small, every donation gets us closer to achieving our goals.Listen to what RFK, Jr. has to say.Become a Member | Donate NowChildren’s Health Defense | ChildrensHealthDefense.orgOur mission is to end the childhood health epidemics by working aggressively to eliminate harmful exposures, hold those responsible accountable, and establish safeguards so this never happens again.Children’s Health Defense
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