Pandemic Planner & Vaccine-aholic Bill Gates has PCR Test For Marburg & Says Next Pandemic Will Be Marburg Virus Related to EBOLA! Bill Gates Should Be Arrested For His Coronavirus Role & Be Prosecuted According to Nuremburg Code.

‘They’ Already Have Made A PCR Test For It And
The (Killer) Ricin Vax Is Already Set To Use!
They are using Ricin (a deadly POISON) into the Vaccine. Bill Gates is THE PANDEMIC PLANNER and Vaccineaholic.

Marburg virus causes Marburg virus disease in humans and other primates, a form of viral hemorrhagic fever. The virus is considered to be extremely dangerous. The World Health Organization rates it as a Risk Group 4 Pathogen. 

  1. What is the deadly Marburg virus and how do you get it?…With a fatality rate of up to 88 per cent, this Ebola-like virus can be transmitted between humans. A medic works in an isolation unit during an Ebola scare in Guinea. Health authorities in the country have now reported a case of the deadly Marburg virus. The news that a man has died from Marburg virus in the West African nation of Guinea has raised fears of a larger outbreak of the infectious illness.

Level 4 Pathogens are the DEADLIEST. 88% Fatality Rate. With the Ricin Poison inserted it will likely be 100% Fatality Rate. Bill Gates works for the ZIONIST Cabal and is a full fledged member. The plan is to exterminate Americans and loot the assets they leave behind to distribute to Cabal members.

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