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Last month, President Joe Biden announced the most draconian vaccine mandates in U.S. history and signed multiple executive orders implementing them. Among the plethora of edicts, he ordered all federal employees and contractors to get vaccinated, with no alternative option for regular testing. He also ordered all private employers with over 100 employees to force their employees to get vaccinated.

The White House and media-inspired crescendo of calls for employers to force vaccine mandates upon their employees under threat of terminate has now created a new round of COVID terror in the American workplace. As with every other attack on individual liberty since March 2020, the pandemic has served as the perfect excuse for the elites to intensify their onslaught.

It’s not hard to see that these actions are blatantly unconstitutional even though the Biden regime doesn’t seem to care. These latest vaccine mandates just add to the list of unconstitutional actions that have taken place since the pandemic began. No one should be forced to choose between violating his conscience or getting the jab.

That’s why it is up to us to act now and stop this tyranny. We urge you to get a copy of the latest issue of The New American magazine, Vaccine Mandates: What Are My Options?. In the cover story, JBS regional field director Robert M. Owens discusses different legal options you can take to avoid being forcefully vaccinated. Robert explains how you can use religious exemptions and provides numerous examples of sample letters that can be used.

We urge you to not only read this issue but also pass this along to other members of your community to educate them of the different options they have to avoid getting jabbed. Public perception on this issue of vaccine mandates is already turning in our favor and will continue as long as we continue to educate on what is right.

We must also continue to get in contact with our state legislators. We should be focusing on advocating for legislation such as Michigan’s H.B. 4667/H.B. 4471 and Florida’s H.B. 75/H.B. 6009 to prohibit government entities and businesses from mandating COVID-19 vaccinations. Widespread contacting of state legislators in support of similar legislation in all 50 states is a very effective way to stop these COVID mandates. 

Visit our ACT NOW page at to find current legislation in your area and contact your elected officials to stop any proposed legislation that infringes on our personal rights and independence. We have premade message templates already made to make it easy for you to contact your representatives and elected officials.TNA Insight!
No one should be forced to choose between violating his conscience or getting the jab. If that happens, one option is to submit a religious exemption. This article explains

Get your copy of the latest issue of The New American magazine: VACCINE MANDATES: What Are My Options?Speakers BureauAmerica is under assault and if we are to survive as a nation, more Americans must learn about these enemies. Our Speakers Bureau exists to provide those answers. We make available a list of experts on a wide variety of subjects. Furthermore, we provide the answers to these very real threats that aim to destroy Americanism.

Speakers are available in-person or through video presentation. Learn more about speakers and topics at and book a speaker today. Check out the online calendar to see if something is happening in your area!ACT NOW!When proposed legislation infringes on our personal rights, security, or prosperity, or on our constitutional republic’s independence or security, be among the first to find out and act on it.Legislative Action AlertsFederal AlertsState AlertsContact Elected OfficialsCheck Out Our Weekly Shows!Stay informed and activated by never missing our weekly shows! Click the pictures below to see all of our weekly shows and more at!
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