When You Have Compromised Secret Society Paedos Running Your Gov’t You Will Live in a Police State With Your Gov’t Confronting You as the Enemy-Tulsi Gabbard’s Warning

Comment: The El-ite are primarily ZIONISTS and they say they are Jews but they are actually Satanically EVIL Terrorists.

FBI Deployed Against School Board Protesters by Jew AG


By infostormer -October 5, 20214

As a result of parents rising up against evil school boards across the country, the Jewish Attorney General Merrick Garland is deploying the FBI against them.

This is an insane plan and it will not work to stop the pushback against all these corrupt school boards. Maybe they’ll be able to prevent uprisings from happening in cities and other shitlib strongholds, but they will not be able to stop this in many suburbs and rural areas.

The easiest thing for them to do is to take a loss on the masks, the critical race theory rubbish and all the other ridiculous things they’ve been pushing. But instead of that, many of these school boards are just forging ahead which is only increasing opposition.

The FBI simply does not have the resources to prevent this continued uprising. They also lack competent resources as evidenced by all these stupid false flag hoaxes they’ve orchestrated over the past several years.

Also, deploying the FBI against parents defending their children from abusive school boards is not a good public relations move.

Everything these people are doing is just increasing hatred for their regime.


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