Understanding China-The ONLY Nation on Earth That Has NEVER Invaded or Occupied Another Nation. Why Are They the Threat? Because Unlike the G7 British Empire Nations They Are Helping Countries Stand on Their Own Two Feet With Infrastructure Developement

China’s new Silk Road, the world’s largest infrastructure project, explained

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Comment: The ZIONIST Occupied Government of the U.S. is alarmed; they don’t like ANY threats to their hegemony. Trump (Cyrus) Is a ZIONIST and he is likened to Cyrus by Israel’s major newspapers.


Comment: Banks ALWAYS confiscate real assets for loan payment. Just skip a couple of your car payments and see what happens! Right here in the Good ol’ USA.

Ron Wieczorek

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Understanding China1. Which countries invaded and occupied Indonesia? Netherlands for 350 years and Japan for 3.5 years.2. Which country was once the colony master of Malaya & India? Britain.3. Which countries invaded and occupied Vietnam? France 1857-1940 & 1946-1954, Japan 1940-1945 and USA (in Southern Vietnam) 1955-1975.4. Which countries were responsible for colonisation of the African continent? Belgium, Britain, France, Germany, Portugal, Spain and Italy.5. Which 8 countries were responsible for the occupation of China in early 20th century? Britain, US, Germany, France, Russia, Japan, Italy & Austria-Hungary.6. Which countries are responsible for colonising and almost annihilating the Native Americans in North America? France & Britain.7. Which country colonised and almost annihilated Aborigines in Australia and New Zealand? Britain .8. Which are the member countries of G7? United Kingdom/Britain, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan & USA.And now the million dollar question…9. Why does the G7 members see China as a threat? Even though China is the only major nation on earth that has never invaded or occupied another country. To perpetuate White man Hegemony or fear of retribution?

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