The Takedown of the United States by the Secret Society TRAITORS

Supreme Court Refuses to Block Vaxx Mandate

US October 20, 2021

Pfizer Pushes to Inject Their Death Vaxx Into Children

Jewish Problem October 9, 2021

Fox News Reporter Questions Effectiveness of Death Vaxx

infostormer – October 19, 20213CultureHe was forced to retract his statements.

California: Shipping Containers Being Dumped in Neighborhoods

USinfostormer – October 20, 2021

Now the US Navy is threatening to fire the SEALs and force them to pay back the money spent on their training.

Joe Biden imposed a mandatory vaccine mandate on the US military. A growing number of Navy SEALs are seeking a religious exemption to the government’s vaccine mandate.

Wanted: Nurses to Give COVID Vaccinations at Following FEMA Camps

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