Supply Shutdown Forced By “Misguided COVID Restrictions”-All By Design [By the Mafia Owning Our Politicians]

Comment: Our supply systems are being INTENTIONALLY collapsed by the ZIONIST Mafia controlling our politicians. This Fake Plandemic needs to stop and the mask wearing, Kill Shots, etc. need to STOP. Does anyone know Our Congress/President has exempted themselves from these kill shots but largely are going to force the rest of us to take them to keep jobs, etc.?

They’re falsely claiming that this problem is why we need more vaxxing, but that’s not the main point. The point is that the system has some very serious problems.

Of course, we don’t need CNN or anybody else to tell us that things are falling apart. All you have to do is look around at your local area to see that there are problems. There are empty store shelves and reduced menu items at restaurants. The chip shortage is another well-documented problem.

If you haven’t gotten emergency items now, you should do so while you still have the chance. This system is unbelievably fragile right now. I believe these vaxx mandates that are being rolled out in the United States is going to cause major problems over the next few months. Companies just won’t have adequate workers to move products in a timely manner.

Hey Reader,
The rise in food prices can’t be denied any longer. But the reason for this rise can’t neatly be explained away as a simple consequence of “the pandemic” or “supply chain issues.”There are very specific, direct causes we know for a fact are driving food prices higher. Knowing them will help you understand what’s happening now and better prepare for what’s coming next. 
Here are a few reasons why food prices may keep rising over the short term:
Supply chain challenges: COVID restrictions and lockdowns have severely gunked up “just-in-time” supply chains. And because food is perishable and not quickly reproduced, it is very sensitive to supply chain disruptions.
Fed printing: Most inflation can be directly tied to insane money printing. Food price increases are no different. 40% of US dollars in existence were printed in the last 12 months. See the problem?
Food stamps: The Biden Admin just announced an increase in food stamps. Food stamps create artificial demand for food, which leads to higher prices for everyone else.
Severe weather: Severe weather is affecting many grain-growing regions causing a reduction in supply. Follow Adapt2030 and IceAgeFarmer for real-time data about food supply challenges.
Labor shortages: Originally COVID cases caused labor shortages in farming and food processing. Now mask and vaccine mandates are putting even more pressure on labor shortages. Combine that with a tighter border, extra unemployment benefits and arbitrary minimum wage increases, and labor shortages in the food industry are rampant.Fuel and transportation costs: Gas and fuel prices are nearing record highs almost everywhere. This affects every level of food production. Additionally, shipping costs are also at record highs.
Regulations: Strict regulations increase the cost of food processing, especially for meat processing.
On that last point about regulation…
Rep Thomas Massie introduced the PRIME Act to deregulate local meat processors to ease the supply bottleneck caused by large regulated producers.
But don’t hold your breath on it gaining any traction.
However, if food prices can go up, they can also stabilize or decline.
Given the current circumstances, the only way I can imagine prices declining in the short term is if global demand for food suddenly drops or the price of oil rapidly declines.
HIGHLY Unlikely.
And over the longer term, food prices always steadily increase.
But, there is a silver lining to higher food prices:
A greater incentive for local food producers to ramp up their efforts and for more people to get involved in their own food production to feed themselves AND trade with others, solving this crisis one garden, homestead, or farm at a time.
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