Sept 23- The Truth In Plain Sight – Will We Be Able To Stop Them? Canada Goes Full On Commie

Liberty Talk With Odessa7.51K subscribersSUBSCRIBELink:… Link:……… Here is just ONE paragraph from my source today… “Human Augmentation – The Dawn of a New Paradigm14 Economic forces will have a strong influence on human augmentation development and they may not be in the best interests of society. The private sector can employ more resources and have greater organisational agility than state institutions, meaning that they will remain at the cutting edge of human augmentation research. Enhancements will be highly profitable, and companies are likely to focus on human augmentation that is lucrative, rather than that which is of most benefit to humanity. The tension between states, societies and market forces is nothing new, but the consequences of mismanagement could be more severe in the case of powerful human augmentation technologies. The reliance on personal data to enable human augmentation…” *Please donate to help me to continue my full time journalism/show and hands on activism at… or e -transfer to *Clear Phone: For more info: Order your phone: Referral Program: *Full episode with George About Brown’s Gas AC50:… *Attention PREPPERS! I am now an affiiliate for the amazing Tower Gardens . When you buy one for prepping you also support my show:) as well as WHOLE fruit and vegetable supplements (Non GMO) with a 2 year shelf life at for my interviews with well known people (Madej, Koire etc…) and the Great Reset information by experts in the field. Librti T-shirts and Hoodies at AC50 device at and use the promo code “liberty” Join Canada’s largest growing freedom of speech social media platform for all of my uncensored episodes at or go to Follow me on FB: at Odessa Orlewicz Rumble: Sources and links for this episode:SHOW LESS

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