Scandinavian Airliners End Mask Requirement on Regional Flights; COVID Was Nothing More Than a TROJAN Horse For WorldWide Communism

Scandinavian Airliners End Mask Requirement on Regional Flights

By infostormer -October 17, 20210

Scandinavian countries including Sweden, Norway and Denmark have mostly decided to return to some level of sanity. As far as I understand, there has mostly been a return to pre-covid normality in these countries. Even their airliners are no longer requiring passengers to wear masks on regional flights.

Meanwhile, other countries are still imposing mask requirements, lockdowns, vaxx mandates, green passes etc.. We’ve all seen what’s been going on in Australia as one of the most extreme examples of the madness.

But how can the countries that are still doing this possibly square the two? It is nonsensical to say that all of this is still about a virus at this point. If it was really about a virus, how can you look at what’s happening in Scandinavia and then claim that its about a virus?

There has never been a pandemic. It has been nothing but mass hysteria created by politicians and mass media. The fact that there are no longer any restrictions in Scandinavia and life is going on as normal, proves that these restrictions have never been about keeping people safe from a virus. It has been about implementing a tyranny using a fake pandemic as an excuse to implement said tyranny.

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