“Rachel Maddow Pushes Insane Conspiracy Theories” For $30 Million a Year-Classic Sell Out; Paid to Dupe Liberals Into Believing in “RussiaGate” [Made Up By Clinton Cartel]

  1. MSNBC to Pay Rachel Maddow $30 Million a Year, While She …https://www.outkick.com/rachel-maddow-salary-30-millionAug 26, 2021 · A $30 million salary understandably disgusts the blue-collar working class. While you are manufacturing products in a sizzling shop, Maddow sits behind a teleprompter with a staff of yes men and links Donald Trump to Russia. However, to her credit, Maddow’s market value to MSNBC warranted a salary in that range.

Real Journalism From MintPressNews:

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