Gloria Steinem Represents the IRS/CIA & Tax Collection Agencies; Make Women Work & Tax Them. Who Benefits? The IRS and All Tax Collectors. e.g. The British ZIONIST Empire Whom CIA Works For.

Comment: Our media is totally politically corrupted by the ZIONISTS who fully own it via their corporations of Vanguard and Blackrock.

Comment: Women can use Contraceptives and donate babies to Childless couples. No need for Abortions. Abortions benefit Organ Traffickers, Satanists, Unethical Doctors aka Abortionists, Stem Cell Researchers, and Cloning MILABs.

Example of Satanic Cabal Artist Promoting Transhumanism and AI:

Comment: The BIG LIE is that we will all be elevated. The truth is that We Will All Be SLAVES! As a Cabal member she had a child with another Cabal Member Elon Musk who promotes AI and Transhumanism & Neuro Links. SICK! These are sick, fame & Money obsessed Cabal members.

Comment: Celebrities are shallow, selfish Cabal Members who think it is fine if the rest of us are enslaved. Their only goal/obsession is Money & Fame.

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