Nurse Coerced Into Taking Covid Vaxx DIES-EVIL at the Highest Level; MD says: “Vaccine is Full of SHIT!”

Pete Wingard

YesctsermSdayh aStc 12c:o09 PeSfM  · I JUST RECEIVED THIS FROM A DEAR PERSONAL FRIEND. PLEASE TAKE NOTE OF THE LIGHT OPPRESSION THIS DEAR PERSON IS UNDER AND THE FRUSTRATION SHE IS EXPERIENCING. “Pete, I can’t post things or agree with some things because my employer watches my Facebook. That’s why sometimes when I agree with something I just reply “hmmmm”. But you can share if you like that you have a “friend that is a nurse that actually takes care of Covid patients that says more than half of their Covid patients are fully vaccinated.” You can’t use my name. But I am so tired of seeing people posting that the unvaccinated are spreading it and are filling the hospitals. Not true. I can’t tell you how many people say they caught it from a vaccinated person that didn’t think they could get it because they have that false sense of security of having been vaccinated. Another false statement out there is it’s mostly obese people and diabetics getting it. So not true! Love what you do and post on Facebook. Love you and your family brother.”

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