Power Hungry Globalists Don’t Care About You or This Country….And They OWN the Media!

Palm to face — sighing — shaking my headSTOP THE IDIOTIC “NAZI” COMPARISONS!
An Open Letter to the Q Anon / Conspiracy Community

By Mike King


Dear Q Anon Club,

As one who still believes in “The Storm” and has long promoted Q and the international movement which grew out of his 5,000 cryptic posts, your patient and humble reporter here can no longer sit quietly by and listen to some of “youse guys” as you drive outside of your lanes – steering into subjects you know nothing about. It’s one thing to strategically shy away from WW 2 truth and Hitler apologetics because many recovering normies aren’t quite ready to swallow such on over-sized “red pill” just yet – but when you start spouting nonsense about “Operation Paperclip” being a “Nazi plot” assisted by the American elite; or comparing  Demonrat / Deep State street thugs to Hitler’s “Brown Shirts,” or referring to our free speech-stifling Communist enemies as “fascists” – then it’s time for us to take a walk down to the woodshed for an old fashioned butt-whoopin.’

Let us review some of your “crazy” and “extremist” beliefs — which we happen to mostly concur with — logically and calmly.

Column 1. Popular conspiracy / Q analysts such as “Dave” at the X-22 Report and the lovely “Mel K” are very knowledgeable — but their frequent “out of lane” comparisons of Demonrat Marxists to “Nazi Germany” make the skin crawl.  // Column 2. Operation Paperclip was nothing more than an American program to pick the brains of Germany’s top scientists after the war. // Column 3. Top: Hitler with “The Brown Shirts.” — Bottom: Brown Shirts and Communists mix it up in a street fight.CORE BELIEFS OF Q ANON COMMUNITY

 You believe (correctly so) that we are living in a “Matrix” of media-created illusion.

* You believe (correctly so) that the world is invisibly governed by a vicious Cabal of elite international bankers (The Jewish Rothschilds foremost among them) and billionaire psychopaths – many of them being practicing Satanists, child-torturers and cannibals.

* You believe (correctly so) that academia is totally controlled by this wicked invisible Cabal – and is used to distort “science” and brainwash college students into good little Communists.

* Many of you believe (and are probably correct) that Killary Clinton and her equally demonic lesbian gal pal Huma Abadeen carved the face off of a young girl during a Satanic ritual before slaughtering her and drinking her blood.

* You believe (correctly so) that primary school and High School level education have been corrupted for the purpose of shaping a compliant society of obedient and amoral zombies.  

* You believe (correctly so) that big tech is totally subservient to the Globalist Cabal.

* You believe (correctly so) that Big Pharma and Big Medicine also serve the Cabal’s interests.

* You believe (correctly so) that Hollywood and the music industry are controlled by the Cabal, and used to further corrupt and confound the masses.

* You believe (correctly so) that some of the most famous and most admired people in government, media and entertainment traffic in and get high by drinking the adrenalized blood of terrorized children.

* You believe (correctly so) that the horrible attacks of 9/11 were orchestrated by the Cabal for the purpose of triggering never-ending wars that would lead to a one-world government.

* You believe (correctly so) that an immense Bill Gates-led worldwide conspiracy to stage a fake pandemic and crash the world economy has succeeded in duping the majority of the world population into believing it.

* You believe (correctly so) that an advanced nation like the United States could have its elections corrupted by millions of fake mail-in ballots and rigged computer systems without the press even attempting to investigate.

You believe (correctly so) that the major news networks in the U.S., Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Europe receive a list of daily talking points from the CIA – the purpose being to coordinate the international propaganda assault upon the public.

* Most of you believe (correctly so) that “Michelle” Obama has a penis and that Fake News has concealed “her” true gender. (though Q never said that)

* And a few of you even believe (probably incorrectly) that JFK Jr., faked his own death in 1999 and is still alive. (though Q never actually said that).

1. Killary and Huma are Satanic lesbian witches. // 2. Marina Abramovic and Lady Gaga drink the “fake” (?) blood of an “art” exhibit — or might that be an actual body? (That’s Alex Soros on the far right) // 3. Abramovic with Jacob Rothschild pose in front of a painting titled, “Satan Summoning His Legions.”

1. 9/11 was staged by the Cabal. // 2. Stupid-19 was staged by the Cabal. // 3. The Fake Election of 2020 was staged by the Cabal.



You have seen with your own eyes and heard with your own ears how “Fake News” lies and lies and lies about Donald Trump and his voters  – and about Stupid-19, and about the Climate Con, and about “Weapons of Mass Destruction,” and about Voter ID, and about “racism,” — and about EVERYTHING. You understand that reality – both past and present – has been completely inverted by this mighty inter-generational Cabal. Up is down – black is white – good is bad – bad is good – and there are now 20 or so different genders / sexual orientations. And for your understanding of all of these sad conspiratorial realities and your noble efforts to help others see, you have endured ridicule and even hostility from friends and family. 

So, after coming to passionately believe all this “crazy” stuff that you now do, how is it possible, that when it comes to the official stories of Adolf Hitler, World War 2 and “The Holocaust” – you won’t even consider the possibility that this “official version” of history (which has been told to you by the Cabal!)  is also a lie? Ironically, many of you, in classic normie / libtard fashion, will even self-righteously “unfriend” or abolish a comrade-in-cyber-arms if he dares to “go there.” Logic much?


* What if I were to tell you that Hitler fought – and for a while, defeated — the very same, self-perpetuating, international Cabal of Globalists, Satanists, Monopolistic Capitalists and Marxists that we are up against today?

* What if I told you that parts of Hitler’s “Mein Kampf” (My Struggle) read exactly like Q’s description of the fight we are still waging against the Globalist Cabal — the only difference being Hitler’s use of the term “The Jewish Question” when speaking about the Marxist and Globalist elites that Q Anonists today more “politically correctly” refer to as the Rothschilds, the Sulzbergers, Jeffery Epstein, Les Wexner, Mike Bloomberg, Harvey Weinstein, Mark Zuckerberg, Sheryl Sandberg, Ghislane Maxwell, George Soros, Klaus Schwab, Marina Abramovic, Hollywood Moguls, Mossad, ADL, “Neo-Cons,”Israel Lobby, ACLU, Ivy League, Wall Street, Federal Reserve, BlackRock etc.

* What if the “Brown Shirts” were only the righteous street “muscle” that was needed to fight back against the violent Cabal-backed “Antifa” thugs of that day?

* What if the “book burnings” that occurred in Germany were of pornographic, pedophile and Communist crap?

* What if the press attacks against Hitler were as dishonest as those we now see against Trump?

* What if the Cabal, through its networks of worldwide political agents, unjustly imposed the war upon rebellious states like Germany, Japan and Italy — and then blamed those innocent parties for starting the war? (sound familiar?)

* What if I told you that the OSS — which was the forerunner of the CIA — created psychological and propaganda programs to unjustly vilify the Germans.

* What if I told you that the Cabalist Jewish owners of CBS (William Paley) and NBC (David Sarnoff) both went to Europe during the war to work with US Army in implementing psychological warfare operations — also designed, in part, to vilify the Germans among the people of Europe. For their “Fake News” services (which later became Fake History) Paley obtained the rank of “Colonel” and Sarnoff was named a “General!”

What if “The Holocaust” was Fake News atrocity propaganda –- and the “6 million dead” were like the millions of fake ballots, or millions of fake “Covid” cases that were also reported as “fact?”

It’s too long of a story to tell and prove here. But it’s a really good story. Will you please at least consider the mere possibility that the accepted versions of Hitler and the grand history-altering event that was World War II were, like everything else that the “elite” tell us to believe –LIES? If so, then have a look at a free excerpt — and consider purchasing — THE BAD WAR – a once-best-selling book (300+ 4 & 5 star reviews) which was banned by Amazon in 2018 –much like all of the Q Anon books were removed in 2020.

​In the meantime, if you need to hold up an analogous standard of wickedness to compare today’s Left to, use Joseph Stalin and the Bolsheviks — Marxist monsters that Hitler would have overthrown, had the Globalist Cabal and their boy FDR not come to the rescue of the Soviet Union.

Lenin & Stalin

1. THE BAD WAR — A Classic! // 2. “Brown Shirts” burned the Communist and homo-pedo garbage that was aimed at Germany’s young people. // 3. Lenin & Stalin — That’s who today’s Demonrats resemble — not Hitler!

1. OSS (CIA) anti-Hitler propaganda postage stamp. // 2. “Colonel” William Paley (Paloff) owned CBS. He ran a psychological warfare operation program during the war. // 3. “General” Sarnoff — owner of NBC — also did psych war communications to alter people’s conception of realty.

“Fake History is the Fake News that has passed into the rear-view mirror.”
— Mike King


* HITLER: “These international hyenas
 don’t care at all
They are only interested in one thing. Are you willing to be plundered, yes or no. Are you stupid enough to keep quiet in the process, yes or no?”
* TRUMP: “These corrupt, power-hungry Globalists don’t care about our country… They don’t have your best interests at heart.”



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