Beautiful Evil (Person of Influence to PUSH Agendas of the Secret Societies)

Comment: (Person of Influence to PUSH Agendas of the Synagogue of Satan Group-ZIONISTS)

She Only Comes Out at Night At Dawn She’s Taking Flight…..Cuz the Sunlight’s Rays Will Show…..What’s Hidden By Moonlight Glow

She Loves to See Your Pain…..She’s Cruel & Oh So Vain,

She’s There to Steal Your Wealth…She Covertly Does By Stealth, The Media’s Fooled Us All & Kept Us In Her Thrall…..

She’s A Beautiful Deceiver…There to Mislead U

She’s Angelina Jolie Vile Celebrity…..

Khazarian Mafia Agendas Promoted By Jolie:

Bisexuality, Homosexuality, Open Borders, Wars, MASK WEARING FOR A NONEXISTENT THREAT, Vaccines, Multiculturality Within the Family, the Kalergi Plan, Etc.

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