Stars Pushing Agendas Harmful to Your Child

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California is still masking children despite proven physical and psychological danger. It’s one of the only states with a school mask mandate, despite evidence the long-term use of facemasks is harmful to children, Mary said.

On Transitioning Your Child to be the Opposite Sex:

2020 preprint of Tavistock study on puberty blockers confirms massive decrease in bone density of patients relative to their peers. The graph shows the baseline spine bone density and then the decrease over time. /

— Michael K. Laidlaw, MD (@MLaidlawMD) December 13, 2020

“I call it a development blocker — it’s actually causing a disease,” Dr. Michael Laidlaw, an independent private practice endocrinologist in Rocklin, Calif. who consults with Sutter Roseville Medical Center, told PJ Media. The disease in question is hypogonadotropic hypogonadism. It occurs when the brain fails to send the right signal to the gonads to make the hormones necessary for development.

“We’re talking about what in nature is a rare condition. In the United States, if someone has this condition it’s going to be recognized and treated so the long-term results are unknown,” the doctor explained. “It’s an area that needs to be explored further.”

While endocrinologists — doctors who specialize in hormones and the endocrine system — are familiar with the disease and gladly treat it when a patient has been diagnosed, many of them are effectively causing their patients to contract the same disease in an attempt to affirm gender identity, Laidlaw said. “An endocrinologist might treat a condition where a female’s testosterone levels are going to be outside the normal range. We’ll treat that and we’re aware of metabolic problems. At the same time, an endocrinologist may be giving high levels of testosterone to a female to ‘transition’ her.”

“In this case, it’s being induced by the medication,” he explained.

Our Cabal Owned Media NEVER mentions these risks: Osteoporosis and hypogonadotropic hypogonadism not to mention unknown effects on brain development and psychological effects.

The Transgender Movement is Insane and Dangerous – PJ Media

When Transgender Kids Transition, Medical Risks are Both Known and Unknown | Growing Up Trans | FRONTLINE | PBS | Official Site

Comment: We are being socially engineered to accept MENTAL ILLNESS as a normal state of being. The truth is most lesbians were sexually abused by a father or step father or by some male when growing up. Most gay men have a history of being sexually abused as well without a strong father figure in their lives simultaneously with the abuse. These people deserve our compassion but they ARE mentally traumatized, ill people who need help.

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