Pfizer Projects $33 Billion in COVID Vaccine Revenues!

July 29, 2021TOP NEWS OF THE DAY 
Pfizer Projects $33 Billion in COVID Vaccine Revenues, Driven by Boosters and Vaccines for Kids
 FDA Made ‘Dangerous Error’ by Advising Against COVID Antibody Testing
 USDA — Not Pesticide Companies — Should Regulate GMOs, Lawsuit Says
 Mother of 21-Year-Old Who Died After HPV Vaccine: Merck Filed False Report, CDC Failed to Investigate
 ‘Stop the Money Pipeline to Fossil Fuels’ — New Campaign Targets Federal Reserve​​​​​​
 Over 25% of Los Angeles COVID Cases Are Fully Vaccinated + More​​​​​​
 New Bill Would Force WH to Disclose Facebook Censorship Requests + More​​​​​​
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