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JULY 8, 2021

NY Times:1918 Germany Has a Warning for America

Donald Trump’s “Stop the Steal” campaign recalls one of the most disastrous political lies of the 20th century.

By Jochen Bittner


Jochen Bittner is a political editor for the weekly German newspaper, Die Zeit, and also a contributing opinion writer for the International Jew York Slimes. His “shtick” is always the same — that is, virtue-signaling and self-flagellating for shekels. We already published a very popular piece debunking his promotion of the Fake History of “German Militarism” (here).

In this piece of Bittnerian barf, the traitor switches gears from his usual focus on World War II and Holohoaxery to bring us a “warning” about the similarities between Trump’s “Stop the Steal” movement and what he calls Germany’s “Stab-in-the-Back Myth” of 1918. Bittner’s bullshit offers us a good “teachable moment”  for reviewing this important and mostly forgotten piece of world history. Hazmat suits and hip waders on, boys and girls. Into Sulzberger’s Slime pit we go for some clean-up work.

1. Bittner — a brainwashed, self-loathing, blond-haired, blue eyed German nitwit spouts the usual cliched claptrap about the “immoral” history of Germany. // 2 & 3: Stab-in-the-Back cartoons expressed a common sentiment among Germans — that Jewish Communists (who wanted to repeat what their brethren did in Russia) and Jewish Zionists (who wanted the British to win the war and seize Palestine from Germany’s ally, Turkey) had betrayed Germany on the homefront.

Bittner: It may well be that Germans have a special inclination to panic at specters from the past, and I admit that this alarmism annoys me at times.
Analysis: Right from the start, Bittner dishonestly  sets up a classic “yeah-but” for the purpose of defusing the idea that he is being alarmist.

Bittner:Yet watching President Trump’s “Stop the Steal” campaign since Election Day, I can’t help but see a parallel to one of the most dreadful episodes from Germany’s history.
Analysis: There it is! The predictable tail-end of the “yeah-but” in which he indeed goes full “alarmist” with seeing a “parallel” between Trump’s claim of a stolen election and “one of the most dreadful episodes from Germany’s history.”

Bittner: One hundred years ago, amid the implosions of Imperial Germany, powerful conservatives who led the country into war
Analysis: Stop right there! No one in Germany was seeking World War I. To the exact contrary, Germany was the very last of the major players to mobilize its armies as the Kaiser tried frantically to persuade the Allies (Britain, France & Russia) to pull back from the brink. It was the British, the Freemasons and, of course, “the usual suspects” who engineered this tragic war for Globalism and Zionism.

Bittner: … refused to accept that they had lost. Their denial gave birth to arguably the most potent and disastrous political lie of the 20th century — the Dolchstosslegende, or stab-in-the-back myth.
Analysis: The Stab-in-the-Back was not at all mythical. Jewish-led Communists instigated labor strikes as the Jewish-dominated newspapers spread defeatism. These powerful forces combined with certain traitorous politicians to severely hinder the German war effort at a time when not one square inch of German soil had ever been occupied.

Bittner: Its core claim was that Imperial Germany never lost World War I. Defeat, its proponents said, was declared but not warranted. It was a conspiracy, a con, a capitulation — a grave betrayal that forever stained the nation.
Analysis: Bittner’s trick here is superficially and sarcastically summarize the truth of the matter so that he can then stage the illusion of knocking it down.

Bittner: That the claim was palpably false didn’t matter.
Analysis: Ya see what he just did? He knocked down his Straw-Man simply by saying “the claim was palpably false” — when it was actually true! He will now casually move on as if the argument was settled.

Bittner: Among a sizable number of Germans, it stirred resentment, humiliation and anger. And the one figure who knew best how to exploit their frustration was Adolf Hitler.
Analysis: There it is! The dreaded “H-word” — enough to end any “debate.”

Bittner: Don’t get me wrong: This is not about comparing Mr. Trump to Hitler, which would be absurd.
Analysis: But that is exactly what you are doing, Bittner. Can you smell the manipulative “yeah-but” that comes next?

Bittner: But the Dolchstosslegende provides a warning.
Analysis: There it is again!

Bittner: It’s tempting to dismiss Mr. Trump’s irrational claim that the election was “rigged” as a laughable last convulsion …
Analysis: Why exactly is Trump’s claim of voter fraud “irrational” and “laughable?” Indeed, a 1994 article from the oh-so-“prestigious” journal that brands itself as “the paper of record” tells of how a Senate election in Pennsylvania (one of the contested states from 2020) had been stolen by the Demonrats by use of widespread MAIL-IN BALLOT FRAUD. Was that NY Slimes story “irrational” and “laughable?” (1994 article here)

1. Trump = Hitler, blah, blah, blah (a fine compliment in our book). // 2. The Kaiser wanted peace! // 3. 1994 New York Times reported objectively on the Demonrat’s theft of an important Pennsylvania Senate race, via mail-in ballots.

Bittner: But that would be a grave error. Instead, the campaign should be seen as what it is: an attempt to elevate “They stole it” to the level of legend…..
Analysis: Ya know, “youse guys” seem really concerned about this voter fraud issue. Why is that?

Bittner: In 1918, Germany was staring at defeat.
Analysis: No, it was not. The entry of the United States certainly precluded Germany’s hopes of winning, but in those early airplane days there was no saturation fire-bombing from above; and a bloody ground war into Germany itself would have developed into a stalemate. Remember, with the Russians out (thanks to the 1917 Bolshevik Revolution), there was only one front for the Germans & Austria-Hungarians to defend.

Bittner: The entry of the United States into the war the year before, and a sequence of successful counterattacks by British and French forces, left German forces demoralized. Navy sailors went on strike.
Analysis: Following the same template as the Bolshevik Revolution of one year prior and also 1905, those “Navy sailors” of “The Kiel Mutiny” were Marxist revolutionaries or dupes under the influence of German Marxists, and by no means representative of the majority of enlisted men.

Bittner: They had no appetite to be butchered in the hopeless yet supposedly holy mission of Kaiser Wilhelm II and the loyal aristocrats who made up the Supreme Army Command.
Analysis: Is Bittner an ignoramus or liar? It’s hard to tell, but probably some of both. The Kaiser actually had a standing peace offer on the table throughout the entire war — one which the British & French warmongers (under Jewish influence) and US President Woodrow Wilson (also under Jewish influence) ignored. Read the irrefutable pamphlet “Woodrow Wilson Warmonger“, by yours truly (here).

Bittner: A starving population ….
Analysis: Bittner makes no mention of the fact that it was Britain’s cruel and unprecedented hunger blockade — a genocide policy initiated by Lord of the Admiralty, Winston Churchill — that caused the population to starve.

Bittner: … joined the strikes and demands for a republic grew.
Analysis: The strikes and the political demands were led by Jewish Marxists — who already had a history of seizing upon the discontent of lost wars as the perfect opportunity to blame the regime, destabilize the nation and incite revolution. Examples:

  • Paris Commune of 1871 (successful but short-lived) which immediately followed the Franco-Prussian War
  • Bolshevik Russian Revolution of 1905 (failed) which immediately followed the Russo-Japanese War
  • Bolshevik Russian Revolution of 1917 (succeeded) which coincided with World War I
  • Hungarian Soviet Revolution of 1919 (successful but short-lived) which immediately followed World War I

Bittner: On Nov. 9, 1918, Wilhelm abdicated, and two days later the army leaders signed the armistice. It was too much to bear for many: Military officers, monarchists and right-wingers spread the myth that if it had not been for political sabotage by Social Democrats and Jews back home, the army would never have had to give in.
Analysis: Bullshitting Bittner cleverly omits from his article what happened immediately after Wilhelm’s abdication — specifically, Communists– led by Rosa Luxemburg(cough cough) and Karl Liebknecht(cough cough) —  staged a revolution and captured Berlin! Fortunately, the coup did not last long and both were killed by German patriots. Evidently, Herr Bittner deemed that bit of history “not fit to print” — for it actually supports the “myth” of the Stab-in-the-Back.

Bittner: The Germans were so worn down by the lost war, unemployment and international humiliation that they fell prey to the promises of a “Führer” who cracked down hard on anyone perceived as “traitors,” leftists and Jews above all. The stab-in-the-back myth was central to it all.
Analysis: Yeah but — The Great One was right, ya know.

Bittner: Mr. Trump’s baseless accusations …
Analysis: “Baseless”  — which is now another word for TRUE.

Bittner: It took another war and decades of reappraisal for the Dolchstosslegende to be exposed as a fatal fallacy.
Analysis: When exactly, Herr Bittner, was the “myth” ever “exposed” as a “fallacy?” Certainly not in this article!

Bittner: If it has any worth today, it is in the lessons it can teach other nations. First among them: Beware the beginnings.
Analysis: Oh the bloody “alarmist” drama! So, the exposure of voter fraud will lead to the deaths of another fake “6 million?” ™ (palm to face, sighing, shaking head)

Come on Arizona, and Georgia, and Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania. Let’s shut these Satanic sons-of-bitches up, once and for all!

1 & 2. “Berlin Seized By Revolutionists” — After betraying Germany’s war of self-defense from within, Communist Scum seized Berlin and forced the Kaiser to flee for his life. // 3. The Red leaders were Jews Rosa Luxemburg and Karl Liebknecht — shown arrogantly strutting about Berlin as if they owned the joint! They would soon be overthrown and executed by counter-revolutionary German military patriots.

1. The first attempt at Bolshevik Revolution in Russia began with a sailor’s mutiny in 1905. //
2. Germany’s Communist revolution followed the same template with ‘The Kiel Mutiny.” // 3. Woodrow Wilson Warmonger (order pdf here)

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