Crime Cabal Front Man Bill Gates Meeting With 40 World Leaders…Explanation Follows

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Bill Gates to Discuss Climate Issues With 40 World Leaders

By infostormer -April 22, 20216

The insane lunatic Bill Gates who falsely claims to be an expert on all things including viruses and environmental issues, will be addressing a climate summit with 40 world leaders.

Why is a billionaire who made a fortune selling subpar computer software being treated like some serious expert on issues that he is not an expert in? Based on his track record and qualifications, he has no business addressing world leaders about climate issues.

On top of that, all of his ideas are bad ones. Just look at what he was pushing in the midst of the coronavirus hoax hysteria.

He’s even funded projects to try and dim the sun to fight the hoax problem of climate change.

The man is an evil kook but because he has billions of dollars, he’s treated like a serious person with serious ideas.

Comment: Bill Gates has been placed as the FRONT MAN COORDINATING THE POLITICAL AGENDA OF THE ZIONIST BRITISH EMPIRE comprised of City of London Financiers, Vatican, British Monarchy, Wall Street and their owned medias. The puppets are assembling with Gates to get their marching ORDERS from him as they have been financed by Gates Zionist masters.

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