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Comment: All taxpayer contracts go to Cabal members. All Actors/Actresses Must be Cabal Members. ALL Politicians at the Top (Presidents) MUST BE CABAL Members. The Cabal is the Crime Syndicate aka ZIONIST/Khazar Mafia aka British Anglo-Dutch Empire or Illuminati Criminals.

Corporations Are Getting Rich off Government Aid –Stossel/Reason

“Congress passed the $2.2 trillion HEROES Act. House Democrats said it gives money to ‘governments who desperately need funds.’

But it also gives lots of money to people who don’t need funds.

Maryland, which even The Washington Post admits is ‘flush with cash,’ got enough extra money to pass a budget that ‘hands bonuses to every state worker.’

Even Atherton, California, where the median home price is $6 million, got HEROES Act money. ‘There was no means test!’ complains Lisa Conyers, author of Welfare for the Rich, in my latest video.

Omni Hotels & Resorts received $68 million in loans. Major airlines got $25 billion in loans from the CARES Act.

‘Who wouldn’t like to play Santa Claus?’ asks Conyers. ‘Who wouldn’t like to just be able to give everybody some money?’

Welfare for the rich didn’t start with coronavirus relief bills. Politicians have done it for years, and a pandemic didn’t stop them….

A study by the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City found new stadiums bring in about $40 million in jobs and tax benefits, much less than the $188 million that taxpayers pay. Handouts to other corporations fare no better.

Ohio politicians gave General Motors millions in tax credits to keep its Lordstown plant open. GM then closed the plant. Politicians let GM keep a third of the money.

Wisconsin gave nearly $3 billion in tax breaks to Foxconn because it promised to create 13,000 jobs. Now the company promises to create only 1,454. ‘If you look at the cost of each job, it was a million dollars,’ Conyers points out.”

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