People Paid to Not Work Decide They Won’t Work

Small Businesses Struggling to Find Workers to Hire

By infostormer -May 1, 20210

A major problem small businesses are facing right now is finding people who want to work. Take for example what’s happening in New York City. The restaurant industry which was already decimated by the coronavirus lockdowns, now can’t find people to help them operate their business.

What’s happening is that people are making more by doing nothing and collecting money from the government instead of working. This is forcing small businesses to cut their hours or even go out of business entirely. This is happening in many parts of the country.

The staffing problems are so bad that a McDonald’s in Florida actually offered people $50 just to show up for an interview.

This is a totally unsustainable situation that is designed to create a class of people  dependent upon government for survival. All the money that’s being created out of nothing to pay people not to work has the added impact of devaluing the existing money in circulation. This is causing the price of everything to go up.

If somebody can explain to me how there is a way out of this, I’d love to hear it. Because at this point, I don’t see how this won’t result in anything other than a total economic collapse.

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