How You Know When a Media Celebrity is a ZIONIST SHILL LOL; They Dare Not Challenge the Vaccine Crap

Rogan is nothing more than a bought and paid for shill, so it is not surprising to see him backtrack like this.

You may recall that he struck a $100 million deal with Spotify to have exclusive rights to his podcast. When he struck that deal, he sold his soul with it. They were giving Rogan this money in order to control him and his content. Many of his old shows with various right-wing figures have been removed from the archives.

This situation is just another example of how his content is being controlled. His comments obviously angered his masters so he was ordered to issue this “clarification.”

The bottom line is that no amount of money is worth selling your soul over. I’d rather die penniless than sell my soul to shill any sort of ZOG vaccine propaganda. Rogan is a very sad and pathetic individual.

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