Get Vaxxed & Get COVID! The Graphs Are Clear.

Twitter On Vaccines and the Covid-19 “Surges”


An anonymous Canadian twitter user @Metabo_Phd with more than two thousand followers (and obvious academic credentials) has pulled up some interesting data in a fireballing twitter thread, followed by another one, in which a convincing case is made that the international vaccine roll-out seems to coincide with Covid-19 re-infections across 26 countries! This post rehashes these two twitter threads as a blog post. Also included is a rehash of a Twitter thread created by former NYT reporter and author @AlexBerenson, which @Metabo_Phd recommends.

Earlier, Cabal Times had suggested on 26th April 2021 that vaccines may have played a role in the Covid-19 surge in India. Prior to that, The HART Group, which consists of more than 41 British academics, produced their own report on the mishandling of the crisis in Britain. They were the first to suggest a correlation between the UK vaccine roll out and an anomalous surge which happened to coincide.

@Metabo_Phd 28 April 2021, 30 tweets

1/ Important #COVID19 vaxxine data thread. I have avoided tweeting about the vax issue as it’s become an immensely toxic topic. But there are some extremely worrying trends emerging between CV19 cases, deaths, & vaxxine administration.

2/ Here, I will share publicly available data for #COVID19 vaxxinations, cases, & deaths in 17 countries + #Ontario & ask questions, as per the scientific method. You are free to make up your own mind regarding the trends shown.

3/ #Israel was the one of the first countries to start CV19 vaxxinations (19-Dec-2020). Since vaxxinations began, both CV19 cases & deaths continued to increase for ~5 weeks. It took 3 months for cases+deaths return to pre-vax levels.

Daily Vaccine Doses in Israel

4/ CV19 vaxxinations in #Israel are also associated w/ staggering increases in death for a month, as shown via CFR:

Age specific CFR changes post-vax (1 month):

80+: 220%
70-79: 600%
60-69: 0 deaths pre-vax, 66 deaths post-vax

Vaccinations and Covid-19 Deaths in Israel, Age Group 80

5/ Moving further East, let’s start with the United Arab Emirates. We see both CV19 cases & deaths rising with vaxxine doses given. 4 months of vaxxinations later, #UAE still hasn’t returned to pre-vax case levels.

Daily Vaccine Doses in UAE

6/ You see the same trend in #Bahrain. CV19 cases & deaths start rising as vaxxinations start. Also, as vaxxinations ramped up just before March 16th (2021), you see both cases + deaths follow w/ rising numbers as well.

Daily Vaccine Doses in Bahrain

7/ #Kuwait has a similar trend: as vaxxinations started (29-Dec-2020) CV19 cases started to rise as well. And just as vaxxine doses shot up (Jan 26th), both CV19 cases & deaths rose in tandem too, & as vaxxinations fell, so did deaths.

Daily Vaccine Doses in Kuwait

8/ Iran has also experienced increases in CV19 cases after vaxxinations started. Vaxxine doses administered sharply increased March 19th (2021), and were followed by an increase in both CV19 cases & deaths.

Daily Vaccine Doses in Iran

9/ Iran’s neighbour Pakistan is also experiencing rises in both CV19 cases & deaths after numbers of vaxxinations have gown up

*4th graph by @RuminatorDan

Daily Vaccine Doses in Pakistan

10/ India is experiencing a significant increase in both CV19 cases & deaths these days. The graphs of CV19 cases, deaths, & share of people receiving their first vaxxine dose are virtually indistinguishable

% of Indians who received a vaccine

11/ Now let’s move to South America. Chile started CV19 vaxxinations on Dec 24th 2020, & CV19 cases & deaths have been rising as vaxxine doses are administered daily.

Vaccinations in Chile

12/ Uruguay started it’s CV19 vaxxinations on Feb 28th 2021, & it too, has seen a significant rise in CV19 cases & deaths following vaxxination

Vaccinations in Uruguay

13/ And finally, Ontario. CV19 cases seem to be walking in step with CV19 vaxxine doses administered to it’s population.

14/ Let’s take a break & ask some Qs. How about an obvious one 1st:

R these ⬆️ in CV19 cases+deaths due to seasonal resurgence of infections that r coincidently ⬆️ as vaxxinations ⬆️?
We can answer this by looking at neighbouring countries that have different vaxxination rates.

15/ Let’s look at 2 examples:

Israel started vaxxinations on 19-Dec-2020, & neighbouring Palestine started ~3.5 months later

Vaccines administered in Israel

16/ If the increases in CV19 cases & deaths in Israel was seasonal, then you would also see the same trend in cases+deaths in neighbouring Palestine. Cases continue to rise in Israel & but fall in Palestine

17/ Another example is #Austria & #Hungary. They had very similar CV19 case numbers throughout this pandemic & similar vaxxination rates since they started. But on Feb 18th 2021, Hungary significantly ramped up vaxxinations & cases shot up.

Vaccines administered in Hungary and Austria

18/ As a result of Hungary increasing it’s vaxxination rate vs. Austria, CV19 cases didn’t rise alone in Hungary, unfortunately deaths went up too.

19/ If seasonality was causing an increase in the rising of CV19 cases & deaths, then these neighbouring countries would also be affected. The data so far shows that CV19 cases + deaths rise as a result of increasing vaxxinations.[Cabal Times: 10th January 2021 was the peak Covid-19 susceptibility date in many Northern Hemisphere countries due to seasonality].

20/ But the perfect case study would be if a nation, preferably an island (isolated/no land borders), that had very little to no CV19 cases prior to vaxxinations, experienced a big jump in infections#s post-vax. Luckily, there are 3 we know of.

21/ The Isle of Man started administering vaxxinations on 25-Jan-2021. Prior to this, there were little to no CV19 infections, but a sharp increase in cases is seen as vaxxinations began.

Vaccinations at the Isle of Man

22/ The island of Bonaire started it’s vaxxinations on 22-Feb-2021. It too, saw a significant increase in both CV19 cases & deaths after vaxxinations began. CV19 cases & deaths were low before vaxxinations began

Covid-19 Cases and Deaths on the island of Bonaire.

23/ Finally, the island of Seychelles, also saw a steep rise in both CV19 cases & deaths after vaxxinations started, & numbers of cases & deaths haven’t returned to pre-vax levels even after 3 months of vaxxinations.

Vaccines administered in Seychelles

24/ But these trends are not only seen on island nations, which are arguably the best case studies to show effects of vaxxinations on CV19 cases & deaths. This exact same trend is also seen in Cambodia, Thailand, & Laos. So how do we explain these data if it’s not seasonality?

Covid-19 cases and vaccinations in Cambodia

25/ So a question that must be asked is:

Are vaxxines responsible for these rises in CV19 cases & deaths (3rd wave)? If they are, is there any evidence that vaxxinated people are:

a) getting CV19, and

b) being hospitalized/in ICUs?

26/ There is actually a great deal of evidence, both anecdotal as well as in the published scientific literature, to show that vaxxinated people can get CV19. Even the #CDC has openly admitted this as well.

Here is the link to the full article.

27/ And ICU physicians in Toronto are starting to speak up about vaxxinated people ending up in ICUs as well.

Another important question that needs answering is:

What is the mechanism behind vaxxinated people getting CV19? We unfortunately don’t know yet for sure, but there are a couple of hypotheses being discussed, which I shall address in my next thread soon.

I wanted to give a huge shout out to

@RuminatorDan &

They have been sharing some phenomenal data throughout this pandemic, & I used some of their graphs in my thread. Please give them a follow if you’re interested in a data driven perspective.

@Metabo_Phd 4 May 2021, 15 tweets

1/ Last week, I shared data for 17 countries showing an extremely worrying trend between CV19 cases, deaths, & vaxxine administration. This is an update w/ 9 more countries displaying the same trend, bringing the total now up to 26 countries.

2/ We start w/ the islands of Antigua & Barbuda in the Caribbean. Vaxxinations started on 17-Feb-2021, followed by a sharp rise in CV19 deaths, the most deaths since the pandemic started. It took ~2 months for CV19 cases to return to pre-vax levels.

Vaccines administered in Antigua and Barbuda

3/ Moving south, we now look at Brazil, where CV19 deaths have continued to increase since vaxxinations started on 16-Jan-2021. 4 months after vaxxinations began in Brazil, deaths have not returned to pre-vax levels.

Vaccines administered in Brazil

4/ Paraguay is also experiencing a similar increase in CV19 mortality. Vaxxinations started on 21-Feb-2021, & CV19 deaths have continued to increase as number of vaxxines administered also increase.

Vaccines administered in Paraguay

5/ Moving east, we first look at Qatar. Just as vaxxine administration started to increase on 28-Jan-2021, we see a corresponding increase in CV19 deaths as well. More than 3 months later, as vaxxinations continue, deaths have not returned to pre-vax levels.

Vaccines administered in Qatar.

6/ Maldives, a tiny island in the Indian Ocean, started administering vaxxines on 2-Feb-2020. It also saw a surge in CV19 deaths as vaxxine numbers increased.

Vaccines administered in Maldives

7/ Further east in Mongolia, the rate of vaxxine administration started to increase on 2-March-2021. This was followed by a rise in both CV19 cases & deaths. Before vaxxinations started, Mongolia had very low levels of CV19 cases & deaths.

Vaccines administered in Mongolia

8/ Moving west, we start with Estonia, which also saw increases in both CV19 cases & deaths after vaxxinations started on 27-Dec-2020. It took ~4 months for cases + deaths to return to pre-vaxxination levels.

Vaccines administered in Estonia

9/ In the small nation of Gibraltar, vaxxinations started on 10-Jan-2021 and CV19 deaths peaked soon after.

Vaccinations in Gibraltar

10/ And finally, here is an absolutely phenomenal thread by @RealJoelSmalley, where he shows the same worrying trend in 42 states in the USA; as CV19 vaxxinations start, CV19 deaths also increase soon after.

11/ In my previous thread, I showed how in #India the curves of CV19 cases, deaths, & share of people receiving their first vaxxine dose are practically identical. But what’s even more striking is that cities with the highest CV19 case ⬆️ are those w/ most vaxxines administered.

12/ Lastly, a select few people have dismissed these trends as the data is associational & not causal. I agree & disagree. Yes, the data is associational, but to dismiss the data SOLELY on these grounds is not how the scientific method works, that instead, is cognitive dissonance 13/ I previously pointed out how frontline ICU physicians themselves are reporting that they are seeing vaxxinated people being admitted as patients in ICUs, & even the CDC is reporting post-vax CV19 (called breakthrough) infections.

13/ I previously pointed out how frontline ICU physicians themselves are reporting that they are seeing vaxxinated people being admitted as patients in ICUs, & even the CDC is reporting post-vax CV19 (called breakthrough) infections.

14/ And now public health docs are starting to very casually admit that post-vaxxination CV19 infections happen & apparently that “isn’t surprising”. Lets be very clear about one thing: post-vaxxination CV19 cases & deaths are real & contributing to the 3rd wave.

15/ The main question that I am interested in is: What are the mechanisms behind post-vaxxination CV19 cases? I will try to answer this in a thread w/ data & peer-reviewed studies soon.

@AlexBerenson 6 May 2021 17 Tweets

1/ We’re now five months into the rollout of the #Covid vaccines – enough time to make some judgments of how they’re working in the real world.So let’s talk honestly about the good, the bad, and the ugly. (I promise, no prion variants or shedding.)

2/ The good: At this point I think we have to agree the mRNAs are broadly effective at full protection. The Israeli and British data are too strong.This assessment comes with two big caveats. Broadly effective does NOT mean 95% effective in the population most at risk…

3/ People are still dying in Israel (the equivalent of about 250-300 a week in the US) – and we are seeing breakthough infections and deaths here. Still, even 80% long-term effectiveness in the elderly would be a huge win for them and really end the death counting…

4/ The even more important caveat is that we do not know how long the protection will last. The companies are suggesting annual shots will be needed, which doesn’t say much about their confidence. And we don’t know if the side effects of a 3rd (or 10th!) shot will be tolerable…

5/ Nonetheless, the fear of January and February – that the vaccines simply wouldn’t work in the elderly – has not panned out. And that is without doubt good news.

Okay, onto the bad: the vaccines DO cause a short-term spike in cases when they are first dosed.

6/ I don’t think this is arguable either. It’s been true essentially everywhere. If the vaccines offer 10 years of protection, I think the advocates have a case for ignoring the bump; but if they tap out after six months it is more relevant to the overall cost-benefit analysis…

7/ So it is still too early to tell how important a problem this will be.Now the ugly.Pharmaceutical therapies are supposed to be BOTH safe and effective. See that first word? SAFE? Effectiveness isn’t all that counts.And VAERS and EUDRA are throwing up massive red flags…

8/ The number of side effect reports, including death reports, is off the charts compared to other vaccines. The vaccine advocates can make excuses for this (anyone can report to VAERS, etc), but none of them begin to explain what we are seeing…

9/ Worse, the reports fall into a pattern. Many are strokes, embolisms, and other clotting and cardiac events – often in young people at low risk for such events. And researchers have raised concerns the Sars-Cov-2 spike protein can by itself raise the risk of such problems…

10/ The primary response from the vaccine advocate community has been

A) To point to the size of the clinical trials and the lack of cardiovascular safety signals in them

B) To argue that the spike proteins are largely contained near the injection site

11/ But neither of those answers is convincing. Not enough people under 40 were enrolled in the trials to be sure of catching serious risks, if they’re age-stratified. How do we know? Because the trials DIDN’T catch the clotting problems of the @astrazeneca @jnjnews vaccines…

12/ The question if the spike proteins are contained locally near the injection site is complex and technical, above my pay grade. I do not claim to have an answer. But I will say European regulators reported “mRNA could be detected in all examined tissues except the kidney.”

13/ That’s in here, on page 47. So some mRNA is getting distributed through the body. Is enough spike protein leaking to matter? Again, I don’t know. But the flat denials sound A LOT like the last year’s denials that the virus could have come from a lab. …

14/ The VAERS reports have other strange side effect clusters. Tinnitus is one. Does that make sense pharmacologically? Could it be related to the LNP shell around the mRNA? I don’t know. Neither does anyone else.But what I do know is that these are worth investigating…

15/ And that safety matters. But safety and effectiveness are opposite ends of the seesaw. We can tolerate considerable risk for a treatment for a disease that kills 10% of the people it infects (like #SARSCoV2 in 90 year olds)…

16/ But basically no risk for a treatment for a disease that kills so few people that accurate mortality figures can’t even be offered (like #SARSCoV2 in 12 year olds).So, five months and hundreds of millions of shots along, we know pretty much what we did in December…

17/ These vaccines make sense for people at high risk from #Covid (especially the elderly); their side effect profile should worry anyone at low risk (especially the young); and a lot of people in the middle have a choice that’s harder than the media wants to pretend.



What causes Covid-19 infections to rise with vaccinations still remains to be fully ascertained. A logical conclusion is that certain batches of all major vaccines may have been deliberately contaminated. Or if we accept Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche’s dire warning, vaccines are reducing the natural immunity of their recipients against Covid-19, which could translate into a spike. Then there are more exotic theories that imply that those vaccinated with m-RNA based vaccines “infect” people around them, and another theory that they induce blood clots by design.

Towards the end of his/her second thread, @Metabo_Phd hints that public health docs in Ontario may have caught on with such conclusions emerging on Twitter and elsewhere, and were now casually admitting that Covid-19 infections can happen post vaccination.

Something very wierd also happened a few days ago. To quote,

New evidence has emerged to suggest that people who get injected for the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) are being administered a different PCR test than people who are not injected, making it appear as though the “vaccine” was “effective.”

Remember when we warned you that PCR tests here in the United States were intentionally “tuned” too high, producing many false positives? Well, they are now being “tuned” too low for the vaccinated in order to produce almost exclusively “negative” test results.

In other words, if you receive an injection and are later tested with one of these lower cycle count PCR tests, you will more than likely test “negative.” If you have not been injected, then your PCR test will use a higher cycle count, more than likely resulting in a “positive” result.

“More fraud,” tweeted constitutional lawyer Rocco Galati about the news.

“Test the unvaccinated at 43-45 cycles = 96.5% FALSE positives. But now they will test VACCINATED people at 28 cycles and poof! The vaccine magically works because the false positives come down. Really? Born yesterday but very early in a.m.”

In case you do not believe us or Galati, check out this document from the U.S. Centers Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), which openly admits that two different PCR tests are now being used for the vaccinated and the unvaccinated.

“The American CDC uses a 40+ cycle threshold to inflate the number of Covid-19 cases and generate fear based on ‘presumption,’ not deaths,” reports Taps Newswire. “40+ cycles are also used in Canada. A 40-cycle threshold produces a 97 percent false positive rate.”

Looks like they now have to massage the data coming out. But they still would have a hard time censoring the old data which already came out. They were already attributing natural deaths to Covid-19 and vaccination deaths to natural causes. So this is no tall order.

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