Dear Reader: This is what Actually Happens to a Congressman That Tries to Represent You; Any Doubt Now Our Gov’t is Run By Organized Crime? (Funding Black Lives Matter & Antifa-Soros ZIONIST Crime Syndicate)

My family is in shock.This week, a Left-wing militant sent a package to my house with a picture of a gun to my head, and an unidentified white powder inside.I know the perils of being in the public spotlight, but this incident truly made me fear for my safety — and the safety of my family.I’ve been targeted a shocking number of times by Left-wing militants.*** In 2017, I was at the Congressional baseball practice where a socialist gunman tried to wipe out dozens of Republican Congressmen.*** Later that year, a neighbor of mine launched a vicious assault that left me with half of my lung needing to be removed — and it nearly ended up being far worse than that.*** Last year, a bloodthirsty BLM mob surrounded me on the streets of Washington, D.C., and I was fortunate to escape just in time.And how have Left-wing activists responded to these savage attacks?They have cheered. And they’ve vowed that more attacks are on their way.Only days before this latest attack on my family, a former pop musician named Richard Marx praised my neighbor on Twitter for his bloody assault which nearly incapacitated me.Needless to say, I’ve had some difficult conversations with my family about these events that have transpired.They understand the danger that we are all in. They know what the Left wants to happen to us.But we have one message to share with these Leftist militants who are attempting to do us harm:WE WILL NOT BE INTIMIDATED!I was elected to the United States Senate for one critical reason: to preserve the blessings of Liberty that our Founding Fathers bestowed on us.This is an opportunity for all of us to rise up and send a message in unison that we will not let the socialist left scare us into submission.Will you send your support today and show that violence will not intimidate us?A contribution of $100, $50, $25, or even $10 will send that message loud and clear.Political violence is what happens in third-world countries, like Afghanistan, Syria, or the Sudan. We’ve seen political violence in parts of Eastern Europe, such as Kosovo, and in Latin American countries such as Nicaragua and Venezuela.But did you ever think you’d see this type of political violence in the United States?This violent Left-wing movement is unprecedented. And if we allow them to intimidate us into submission, then the future that lies ahead for our country is terrifying.So I’m not backing down. And I’m not giving up on my mission of fighting for American Liberty.And neither should you. This mission is bigger than any of us. It’s a fight for the soul of America.I need your support like never before, not only because my life has been threatened, but because America is in crisis.Please show your support for my family, and stand with me. Any contribution is appreciated, but if you could chip in $100, $50, $25, or even $10 it would mean the world to me.I will not back down in the face of violence.In Liberty,Rand Paul
Rand Paul, MD
Senator Rand Paul (R-KY)P.S. As you may have heard, my life has been threatened yet again.A package was sent to my house with a picture of a gun pressed against my head, and an unidentified white powder inside.Left-wing militants have threatened my life over and over again. It’s clear what their ultimate goal is.I’ve talked to my family, and they told me loud and clear: DO NOT BE INTIMIDATED!So not only am I not backing down, I’m doubling down on my fight for American Liberty.I need your support right now. Any amount is appreciated, but if you could chip in $100, $50, $25, or even $10 it would help immensely.

What Happens When the Cabal Doesn’t Like You:

Patriot CentralPlease see a special message from our sponsor.
Dear Fellow Conservative,
They couldn’t get me the first time. Or the second time. But now they’re hoping the third time’s the charm. Over the weekend, Socialist Democrats cranked up their calls to KICK ME OUT of Congress. (Cabal Owned Media) CNN, MSNBC, PBS, ABC, NBC, CBS … they went on all the channels demanding I be removed from Congress because I dare to tell the truth about their Socialist schemes. What’s worse, the powerful (Cabal Owned) Chairman of the Rules Committee in the House, Jim McGovern, has now joined in on the chorus. This is an important development, because McGovern is the gatekeeper on the House floor and he decides which bill comes up for a vote. (Cabal ALWAYS Make Sure They OWN Gatekeepers!)
If he wants to bring a bill to the floor to kick me out of Congress, he’ll have the backing of Nancy Pelosi, the Jihad Squad, and every Democrat in the House. (ALL Cabal Owned FAKE REPRESENTATIVES.)
That’s why I need your help to survive this battle for a third time in just the last three months.
STAND WITH MTG – CHIP IN $25Will please help fill my “Stand with MTG” war chest with a generous contribution of $25 so that the Democrats will think twice before trying to kick me out? You see, money talks in Washington, DC. If they think I’m weak and don’t have the dollars to battle with them, they’ll run me out. But if they know I have the financial support of the PEOPLE, they know no matter what they do, the voters will be with me. I’m enemy #1 of the Democrats and the Fake News Media.
Please STAND WITH ME by making a generous contribution to help me FIGHT BACK and WIN today!
For freedom, Marjorie Taylor Greene STAND WITH MTG – CHIP IN $25

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