Covid Vaccines Create Nine New Billionaires (It’s All About Money & Control Folks)

COVID Shots Create Nine New Billionaires

By infostormer -May 22, 20210

The coronavirus hoax and subsequent push to vaccinate everybody with experimental shots, has proven to be quite profitable for big pharma. Nine new billionaires have been created as a result of their vaxx sales.

All of the hysteria from the government, the media etc.. has effectively been an enormous marketing campaign for these weird shots. They convinced millions of Americans to inject themselves with an experimental substance to protect them from a virus that has a survivability rate around 99.99 percent or whatever.

A large part of why people like the virus hoaxer Anthony Fauci and others always talked about vaccines instead of treatments is because treatments and cures are not profitable. Vaccines on the other hand, are very profitable.

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