Amerika’s Judenpresse Ignores Evil Horrendous Torture/Murders of Two Caucasian Toddlers By Serial Negroid Offenders




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Cash Gernon, age 4
MAY 18, 2021

“Say his name!”


Here’s a sad story which — in spite of its racial implications — Sulzberger’s Slimes saw not “fit to print.” Following the code of conspiratorial silence that is always attached to such ghastly racial murders, the big TV networks and even “conservative” cable stations pretended this event never happened. You see, only when a Black individual (usually a thug) is killed by a White cop in the line of duty do the talking heads, the kept celebrities and the Black Lives Matter mobs pour forth fake tears of fake virtue while demanding that we all “say his name” ™(that of the deceased thug).

Not so for cases such as Cash Gernon of Dallas, Texas — age 4. (((They))) won’t dare “say his name” ™ — that would be “racist,” ™ dontcha know? But The Anti-New York Times will say it. And, in addition to telling youse guys his name and his story, we’ll also explain why the usual suspects who control the Fake News won’t “say his name” .

“His name” is “Thug” who, in 9.9 out of 10 cases, had a criminal record as long as Lebron James’ tattooed arm.

Described as a “happy-go-lucky” boy,  little Cash Gernon was fast asleep when 18-year-old burglar Darriynn Brown (where do they come up with these spellings?) broke into his home through a back door, robbed the place, and kidnapped Cash this past Saturday. The boy’s body was later discovered in the street by a jogger — who found him badly bloodied, shirtless and shoeless with his feet already covered in ants. Cash had suffered multiple fatal wounds from what police described as an “edged weapon” (stabbed to death). Brown has been charged with kidnapping and theft in connection to Cash’s death, with murder charges (pending forensics) expected soon. The beast is being held on $750,000 bail.

The random theft wasn’t enough for Brown. Why did the dumb-ass (who was wearing a GPS-tracked ankle bracelet the whole time!) have to snatch this little boy and brutalize him? Answer: Because (((the same people))) who societally  engineered this monster’s fatherless birth to some welfare-collecting teen “ho” then filled up his empty mind and dark heart with burning envy and hatred for “The White Man.” That’s why! Now who would do such a thing and why? Hint: It’s much bigger than BLM or Lebron James.

1. How many anti-White messages must this unguided fatherless knucklehead have been exposed to in school and from the shit Judenculture at large before terrorizing and killing this helpless, adorable ginger child and leaving him to the ants like some specimen of road kill? // 2. “Say his name,” Lebron — you Satan-worshiping piece of crap. It’s Cash Gernon!

* Any White men who still watch Jewish-run professional basketball — please go and kill yourself.

There was another Texas case, in Houston, of a random red-headed child who was kidnapped from his home and murdered on Christmas Eve day in 2010. The “killer of color,” Ramona Nelson, roasted 12-year-old Jonathan Foster alive with a welder’s torch. The Judenpresse deemed that tale of terror not “fit to print” or report either.

When these type of shocking events happen, halfway conservatives will predictably engage in “what aboutism” while correctly pointing out the glaring double-standard that exists between the media coverage of White-on-Black killings vs Black-on-White killings. “What about that little White boy who was just killed and dumped in the street?” — the milquetoast righties will rhetorically ask? But they never seem to get past the fronts such as BLM, or Lebron, or “liberals” in general. What good does that do?

Here’s “the beef,” if you’ve got teeth strong enough to chew it and a stomach to digest it: The murder of little Cash Gernon got little to no national attention because the Jewish Supremacist Bolsheviks who lord over the Fake News would secretly like every last White man, woman and child to meet the same fate as Cash Gernon — or least be blended out of existence.  The Darriynn Browns and Lebron Jameses of this world are merely (((their))) mindless foot soldiers; and a conservatard who fixates only on the frontmen is like a chess player who only watches out for his adversary’s pawns while ignoring what the much more powerful Queen is up to.

Say his name: “Cash Gernon!” — but also say (((their))) names as well: Rothschild, Soros, Sulzberger, et al. — but most of all, say their motives!

The demonic fiends who really murdered Cash Gernon — “Say their names:”  — 1. George Soros // 2. “Lord” Jacob Rothschild // 3. Klaus Schwab

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