WeAreChange Reports on Civil Unrest/Rioting

Beautifully amazing human being,

The media is barely talking about this.

In Minneapolis National Guard troops were brought in to help protect the city from violence. And they were met with violence in a drive by shooting.

Yes someone shot a bullet through a National Guard vehicle injuring two guardsmen.

So in the video above I go over how with closing arguments now complete in the Derek Chauvin trial, I think most people are totally unaware and unprepared for what is going to happen next.

The violence is already unfolding in places like Portland and journalists trying to report on it are being assaulted.

In Florida though, there’s a new anti-riot bill. And meanwhile NYPD is arming itself with robots.

In the bigger picture, there’s a hot summer ahead and politicians will use it to push a divide and conquer power grab.

Also in today’s video, I cover some disgusting news from Canada, a surprise financial announcement from the Chinese government and Russia and NATO building up their forces in the same region.

Then for Luke Uncensored members, I cover people turning down the shot in mass and a cop with HIV drugging and raping victims.

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