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Globalism will come but not the way “Great Reset” elitists believe

Posted on  by Don Koenig

We begin the New Year with globalist reprobate minds planning to take over the planet through their “Great Reset” plan. At this point, I do not think they will succeed, because globalism will not get much support until the general population demands it. The nations now are way too divided to agree on any type of globalism. By the way, the state run capitalism and socialism the globalists want is really Fascism.

The way I see it, nations could only come to common agreement now about global government, if some grave danger to the planet existed. Phony crises like global warming, the threat of this mild pandemic, or the economic downturn caused by fearful politicians are not going to bring about grassroots calls for globalism. If anything, such overreactions will just bring more distrust of world leaders and even more fracturing of nations.

Globalism will come about when people believe that global government is necessary for the survival of the human race. This might happen after the start of the next great world war when modern weapons make the destruction of the world a real possibility. It also could happen if there was a perceived external threat to everyone on the planet (President Ronald Reagan mentioned that).

I do not think globalism happens through the recently announced “Great Reset” plan of elitists. More likely there will be a great war and many people will be living in fear. Then Queen of Heaven apparitions will appear saying that the only hope for mankind to survive is to repent and unite around the “only God ordained universal (catholic) religion”. As the religious movement goes worldwide, the present leadership of the world is overthrown and then a new world order is set up under the direction of the religious Harlot of Rome. The whole Jesuit globalist conspiracy is about putting the world back under the Pope.

The question I have is, does this great world war take place sometime before the four horsemen ride, or are the riding of the four horsemen describing that great war? I now lean toward it being the four horsemen, but we shall soon see.

The control coming through religion, will be much like the way Islam controls politics, affairs and peoples in many of the Muslims nations today. Even so, it won’t be Islam that the world unites upon. It will be a harlot form of Christianity directed by the apparition’s message and the Vatican at Rome. The Harlot had taken over in the past. She was called the Holy Roman Empire.

Some years after this happens the Harlot will be overthrown when the fallen angel of the underworld with his legions ascends out of the abyss and pose as aliens. These “aliens” (fallen angels) will claim that humans are their offspring, and are destined to evolve into immortal beings (as they are). Then the Antichrist gets global control. There is a revolution against the Harlot of Rome, and she is burned by fire.

By the way, I surmise all this by a knowledge of Catholicism’s past harlotry with the world and its plans for a future world put under their charge “by God”. They believe the Pope is the vicar of Christ on earth (they believe the Pope’s authority is the same as Christ on earth and this was handed down through Peter). My view is also based on my knowledge of pagan and New Age beliefs. I think Revelation Chapters 17 and 18 partly supports this conjecture when it tells us about the fate of the Harlot and pagan Babylon.

Anyway, this is the way I see globalism coming, not the elitist premature “Great Reset” pipe dream. The world’s elitists think acquiring wealth makes them someone great and deserving of power. I have news for them. Satan is not impressed with their wealth or their socialist utopian pipe dream. He has his own agenda for the world, and when no longer hindered by God, he will empower a person to carry it out. Selling your soul for money and power, just sets you up to be destroyed. The Bible indicates that rich people will weep and howl when unforeseen destruction falls upon them in the last days (Jas 5 1-5). This current crop of elitists are much more likely to experience the gallows than bring about globalism.

What about America’s leadership in the world?

If Trump somehow stays in office, America will have an insurrection from the left and the cities will burn. If the puppet president or his understudy gets in office, America’s leadership of the world ends with Trump’s exile. Under the tyranny of the leftists, the greater demise of America will occur rapidly. Many Americans will never accept Biden or Harris as being the leader of our nation. How that shakes out for our nation depends on many unknown variables, but these leftist puppets are not going to be removed through future free elections.

Mark those Republicans that side with the leftist agenda. They also are domestic enemies of our constitution and the Bible it was founded upon. If we cannot get rid of them in the Republican Party, the resistance will need to start a Free America Party and movement.

No matter how you look at it, if there is a complete leftist takeover, America is not going to survive as a great nation. And it may not even survive if Trump remains in power. The ways America may destroy herself or be destroyed by others in the future is really not something I want to expound upon in this article. Even so, it should be obvious that having nothing but lawless criminals and reprobates running this nation ends in disaster for those living here.

I tend to believe that one or more nations will see the situation in America as their big opportunity to put out our lights as a world power. They already know they can use cyber and EMP  weapons to take down our electric grid. Many of the rural less demented people may survive such an attack and eventually restore civilization in North America. However, the leftists in the big cities would totally self-destruct. I do not see how the corrupted big cities of America can ever be reformed anymore. I would not rule out judgment on our big cities. The Bible indicates that God knows how to deal with evil cities.

Some think the Rapture will occur and only then America and the whole world self-destructs. I suppose that is something worth considering, but who really knows the timings? When a nation becomes evil, it forfeits its blessings from God. He certainly could allow the removal of America as a world power before the Rapture.

America somehow is taken out of the end time picture. As food for thought, the forecast of there only being 100 million people living in America in 2025 might prove to be correct. I also think the focus needs to return to the same areas of the world as where it was in Biblical times. It is time to be ready because the “Great Reset” will fail, and America is also losing its focus. It looks like the big picture is about to change real soon.

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